Dundee wedding photographer harassed woman after posing as her to get phone number from friend | #tinder | #pof


A wedding photographer bombarded a woman with hundreds of calls after posing as her to obtain her up-to-date phone number from her unsuspecting friend.

Godfrey Mordente, 57, carried on a campaign of harassment against his former partner for more than nine months.

He was made subject to an interdict to keep him away from his ex-partner after she ended their relationship after seven on-off years together.

He ignored that court order and continued to engage in an abusive course of conduct against her in Dundee between May 1 2019 and February 6.

Mordente, who also photographs cars and glamour models, admitted repeatedly contacting the woman and her family by phone, text and social media sites.

He admitted getting her current phone number by deception and turning up at her family members’ homes to utter offensive remarks.

Mordente, of Kemnay Gardens, Dundee, also admitted breaching his domestic abuse interdict – imposed on August 8 2019 – by getting in touch with the woman between November 2 2019 and February 5 2020.

Dundee Sheriff Court was told his victim had tried several times to end the relationship but Mordente had bombarded her with messages and gifts.

She said he had “worn her down” and she had taken him back but eventually she made the split permanent in September 2018 and blocked his number.

Mordente was still undeterred and managed to con her friend into handing over her new number by pretending to be her in a chat about Tinder dating.

The court was told Mordente had plagued his former partner with more than 200 calls and messages and repeatedly begged her to take him back.

Sheriff Alastair Carmichael deferred sentence on him for reports.

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