El Paso Man Posts His Dating Resume In Time For Cuffing Season | #facebookdating | #tinder | #pof

An El Paso man is shooting his shot and has taken to the Facebook Marketplace to find his other half. Just in time for cuffing season, Christopher Michaels post his “dating resume’ for all to see. What is “cuffing season” you ask? It’s a particular time of year where single people begin looking for a short term partnership to pass the colder months. Cuffing season begins in October and lasts through Valentine’s Day.

The days are getting cooler and for that reason, Michaels decided this was the opportune moment to put his dating resume up on a Facebook market group. To begin, as a sort of introduction, Michaels gives us the basic information you would find on a  resume these days: he provides his Snapchat name, objective, his current relationship status (because that’s important to know!) and his education:

When starting a new relationship, even if it is for cuffing season, it’s important to know a prospective employers (or in this case a prospective boyfriend’s) goals:

Then he gets to the good part, his qualifications- he does provide a warning about cars:

As normal with any resume, Michaels lists his skill but he also includes his hobbies. Some companies may not really care about your hobbies, but seeing as how this resume is for a potential partner, hobbies are definitely important to know:

Under his mating qualifications, Michaels gives a few disclaimers:

Michaels was also kind enough to give “Step-Daddy Qualifications”, so, obviously, children are not a deal breaker:

To conclude his resume, Michaels includes some references and quotes that inspire him. He also sheds some humor as to why he decided to post this:

If this sounds like a great partner for cuffing season- don’t be shy, slide into his DM’s!



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