Eleanor Conway – you might recognise her from Tinder | #tinder | #pof

Eleanor Conway was hugely popular the last time she came to Fringe World with her show Walk of Shame. Now she’s returning with a brand new performance You Might Recognise Me From Tinder. 

In the new work Eleanor suspects she may have intimacy issues. She always has sex on the first date and hasn’t got beyond a third date in over ten years.

She says it’s a shame because she’s really good at sex. She’s even crossed a line that many women have probably contemplated crossing on occasion but few have actually done: sex work. You know what they say… ‘Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life’.

Conway follows up her global smash hit Walk of Shame with a candid look at intimacy, shagging and crossing lines.

An experienced music presenter she’s interviewed everyone from 50 Cent to Justin Bieber and spent her 20’s cavorting round the world for Ministry of Sound and Virgin Music.

Her self produced debut show tour for Walk of Shame, detailing her battle with addiction, sold out dates in over 10 countries on a multi-award winning 100 date tour. An advocate for drug and alcohol rehabilitation in 2018 she hosted Kaleidoscope’s 50th celebration at the House of Lords as well as writing about her experiences dating in sobriety for The Guardian and guesting on BBC’s Woman’s Hour.

Catch Eleanor at Fringe World, 3-16 February 2020, at Casa Mondo in  Yagan Square. Tickets are on sale now. 

Source: Media Release

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