Emily Bruno

Scammer’s Profile or Account Name:Emily James Bruno

Scammer’s Country: Nigeria

Scammer’s Email: amiableme005@gmail.com

What Website or Social Media Was The Scammer Using? : Face Book

Did You Send Money To This Scammer? :


Other Observations About The Scammer: 

She is currently in Nigeria trying to get money sent to her

Scammer’s Messages or Emails: 

Ok dear.
Since you have a very big doubt towards me.
Mind you am not gonna do away with your money.
Am not such.
And if you could take that believe in me in this first time.
Let me prove i will be coming to you.
This is just the beginning of us.
I wont fail myself and fail love
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Emily James.
Block 11 Allen avenue, ikeja, Lagos. Nigeria. West Africa
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