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Is the so-bad-it’s-good show getting another season?


Perhaps its most unlikely success of the year, Netflix’s Emily in Paris, created by Sex and the City and Younger producer Darren Star, is holding steadily in the streaming service’s Top 10, and we all know what that means. There’s GOTTA be more Emily in Paris! The show, which stars Lily Collins as an American social media manager who moves to Paris to work as a brand builder for advertising company Savoir, is the perfect escapist concoction guaranteed to smooth out our anxiety-riddled brains in bite-sized 30-minute bursts. It’s not… good, but it’s sort of… fun? We can’t get enough Emily in Paris, which means there’s only one question we’re all asking: 

Will there be a deuxième saison de ‘Emily in Paris’? 

Netflix hasn’t greenlit another outing for Emily in Paris yet, but at this point there’s still plenty of hope. The entertainment world is taking things kinda slow right now, but given the show’s reception, a second season announcement will probably be on the way in a couple of months, if not sooner. 

Which acteurs would be in it? 

We can assume that everyone in the first season would return, including Collins as Emily, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Emily’s hard-ass boss Sylvie, Ashley Park as Emily’s au pair buddy Mindy Chen, Lucas Bravo as sultry Gabriel, Samuel Arnold and Bruno Gouery as Emily’s quirky coworkers, and Camille Razat as Gabriel’s (ex????) girlfriend Camille. William Abadie, who plays perfumer Antoine Lambert and seems to have the hots for Emily, will likely be back, as will Charles Martins as Emily’s boyfriend (??) Mathieu Cadault. 

What would be l’intrigue? 

As we know — and spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t reached the finale yet — Gabriel is staying in Paris, after a short-lived moving to Normandy scare, since Antoine decided to invest in his restaurant. After Gabriel and Emily’s night together, things are likely to be even more charged between them, and complicating matters is the text from Gabriel’s ex Camille, asking if she and Emily can “talk.” Does she know about her and Gabriel? Is she about to tell her she doesn’t want her to date him?? Perhaps everything will work out just fine and no one will get upset, but that’s as likely to happen as veteran dressmaker Pierre Cadault collaborating with guerrilla American fashion upstarts Grey Space. 

Will Emily finally apprendre how to pronounce “merde” correctly? 

You’d think, if you were moving to France for work, you’d at least know better than to say “merd” in public. So ringarde. 

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