4 thoughts on “ESPN First Take: Stephen A. Smith On Manti Te’o Hoax – Admits Lying to Media

  1. gibbs561

    It is what it is lol all you got in this world is? your word

  2. raidersblackhole

    dirby fuck you and your comments. this manti teo story just stinks,get? that.

  3. Dirby D

    People who ruin ESPN:

    -Skip Bayless: Picture this racist bitch having sex. It would? be like Bill Lumbergh except he would have his “i really need to take a shit face” going on along with his “crying like” voice moaning right before his climax.

    -Steven A. Smith: Just an overall douche. Way too loud when explaining things and tries to use big words to make people think hes smart. Not to mention hes racist as hell.

    Mel Kiper: Why the fuck to we listen to this guy? May be the ugliest fuck on TV.

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