6 thoughts on “Esther Phillips (Little Esther) – Set Me Free

  1. Cecil Etienne

    Esther Phillips (Little Esther) – Set Me Free?

  2. Robert Sjöö

    As often, her version was the best. Emotions in many directions…?

  3. bazthehandyman

    One gorgeous woman…….. and a one in a hundred billion voice.?

  4. 06monarch

    Lots of people can tell a story, but few can tell it like Little Esther.

  5. Linda Searcy

    What a beautiful woman! The voice of an angel.

  6. 678chewie

    To my neighbor Dot,I know that this was your song and I am so glad that
    things got better for you and life was good for you and your family before
    the loss of your husband. I know that at times we all feel like we need to
    say these words to our spouses and we think things are not where they
    should be.

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