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Coco Tang pictures. Everywhere.

Picture this: You’re stuck in your uni house with your mates, just finishing up the fifth sesh of the week and you’re running out of ideas to keep yourself entertained during lockdown. Clubs are shut and bars closing their doors at 10.

All there is is Tinder; the dating app that lets you meet others at the swipe of a thumb without the possibility of catching Covid.

So, here’s a quick summary of all the types of girls you’ll see floating about on the app during lockdown in Notts:

The classic Lenton

Her profile is full of pictures of “drinks with the girlies.” She’ll be holding a bottle of Echo Falls outside Sainsbury’s Local, while wearing black flares with white Fila’s just because she saw that one Emma Chamberlain photo.

Coco Tang is her go-to spot in the City, but with the 10pm curfew she’s turned to shopping online at Urban Outfitters.

The sesh-head

Often found with a Juul on her first picture, paired with a bucket hat and some funky hot-pants, the sesh-head just wants one thing: for Stealth to open back up again.

She’s desperate for a lockdown buddy to drink on Zoom with because her housemates can’t hack the seven day bender she’s prepared. Would you swipe right and join the sesh?

The TikToker

“Send me a TikTok quote and I’ll consider drinks ;)” is her bio. She’s using Tinder for one reason and one reason only: to get that TikTok clout. With nothing else to do in lockdown, she made a video on “Rating Notts bars” videos got over 10,000 views and now it’s her entire personality.

Just be prepared that, if you swipe right, she will drag you into learning the latest dance and make you film her in the middle of Market Square.

The Gamer Girl

Often found getting her third tattoo in a month at Neon Wolf on Derby Road, the gamer girl spends her lockdown playing Animal Crossing and Mario Kart non-stop with her housemates.

Her profile includes photos of her new septum piercing, which she can’t show off about town because of her mask. And, in case you didn’t know, she’s “not like other girls.”

The one missing her dog too much

Dogs are a big part of her life, and she wants you to know that. Every photo on her profile includes her dog  in some form, and she’s using Tinder to fill that hole of doggy cuddles while she’s in Notts.

Her first question when sliding into the DMs will always be “are you a dog person or a cat person?” With that one answer, she will determine whether you are worth her time.

The Vegan Queen

She definitely found herself during lockdown. Her profile is solely photos of her in gym gear, or, if not, her recent vegan meal she prepared on a budget.

You’ll find her in AvoCafe on Derby Road with her mates, and her bio would include something along the lines of “Vegan for Life” with a plant emoji.

The one with a new hair colour everyday

You match on Tinder, you get talking and finally manage to get the Snapchat. She sends you the first “hey! x” but you notice one thing. Her hair is a different colour to her profile. Wait. Her hair is a different colour in EVERY photo. Lockdown boredom has driven her to change up her look every week, but she rocks it no doubt. Swipe right and find out which colour will be next!

So there you have it. Every girl you’ll see on Tinder in Notts during lockdown.

Which one will you come across next time you find yourself swiping?

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