What Everyone Must Know About Dating scam


Internet dating scam occurs when scammers win the hearts of their victim just for the purpose of making money fraudulently.

Searching for a soul mates on the web became very popular recent years. Services like eHarmony, Yahoo personals, and several others like them have a lot of users who post customised ads in the hopes of meeting their spouse to be.

There are lots of success reports, and we all know of someone who has married their significant others who have met online. Such success stories like these have inspired many more to turn to dating online which used to be something people scoffed at throughout the early days of the internet.

Do you trust online dating?
It’s unfortunate that dating online also has its dark side. Somebody placing their personals advert on the internet can be an easy victim to get both professional scammers and internet predators.

A good fraud artist will take her or his time to sway you to complacency. Initially, it might be very difficult to discern a fraud artist from someone showing genuine affection, but ultimately the perpetrators play the fraud card. It’s logical meeting face to face someone with whom you fell in love on the web if they’ve not raised all of your suspicions.

How Internet dating scam begins?
If you fall for one of those internet dating scams, you can end up getting a broken heart and wallet.

A fraud artist will inform you that they’d love to meet face to face, but doesn’t have sufficient money for the trip.This is when they request the fact that you just send them the money to purchase their plane ticket if you’ve not suggested it yourself.

What happens next?
Shortly thereafter, there’ll be asked for money to support their family, because job opportunities are very small in her country. Some cases she’ll want funds for a tourist visa in order that she can visit you. If that doesn’t work, she’ll need money for food, or a small operation you might help finance. The moment you send her money, she may have won her con game against you.

How keep yourself save from dating scammers
Sending money especially to someone overseas is a very poor idea.
Be cautious of anybody you have met online asking you money from you to pay their medical expenses.
Beware of mail order bride scams often start with an unsolicited email.
Never give your personal details online. specially home telephone number and address.
Never trust their profile photos and status. check it yourself from other sources.



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