Examining The Te’o Hoax


ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap explores the controversy behind the Manti Te’o girlfriend hoax.


25 thoughts on “Examining The Te’o Hoax

  1. Fore Saken

    and after he flames out at the draft, he can go back to being gay and suckling at the? teet? of the government…. that’s what his peeps do best!

  2. Fore Saken

    after this so-lee crawls back home and is climbing the trees to pick the pineapples in the sweltering heat, he’ll get a good laugh out of his predicament…..

    “yeah… it WAS pretty obvious I was bein’ scammed… I AM SAMOAN YA KNOW!” and he cracks? a knowing smile!


  3. Fore Saken


    he’s a little dirty? Samoan! nothing more….

    he can’t even fuck a REAL WOMAN! you think he can anally rape a MAN??

    when he’s picking pineapples next year in Hawaii, tell him this.

    he’ll need a good joke after he realizes his pro dream have come crashing down. 🙁

  4. BlueCapix

    It’s funny cuz u would never say that to his face, he would ass? rape you and you would be scared shitless being a college runningback going up against him.

  5. rodeopac

    He just lied to “Sports Illustrated” Notre Dame, ESPN, his coaches, his father, his teammates the fawning public….he’s just a kid…WTF how does this “kid” continue to spin the story as if he was a victim when he flat out fucking lied to everybody for so long? This kid and his family crave attention and they are all full of shit! Call it what you want embellishing, tailoring, misleading guess what? it all? starts with and ends with he fucking LIED…open your eyes! He was complicit so was ND!

  6. JPPT1974

    Manti Teo NFL draft? stock may come down a bit over this story!


    hahahaha i actually know that girl, her real name is diane. she was in the grade above me at paraclete highschool. ronia? was actually in my class (the other samoan dude). small fucking world…

  8. LsuTool

    It’s a win-win for ESPN and Teo. Teo got his name out there and the? accolades; ESPN got the story lines and ratings.

  9. Nelly Nelz

    If? your a start football player in college im sure you dont have any problems meeting girls in school, in town or state but instead you would rather go online??

  10. Fore Saken


    fuckin’ dirty Somoan……. HIS RAPE AND MURDER WILL BE GLORIOUS!!!

  11. Staverne Joseph

    If he did make it up dang that was a good story!!! But guys come on, lets not? forget someone fake died here lol

  12. tom dick


  13. GuerrillaInYoMidst

    Get this bullshit outta here…hella corny? story, bro!!

  14. Gordon Shumway

    How could he be so gullible? He’s the most eligible bachelor on campus. There’s an entire? women’s college right across the street.

  15. chubphucka

    Hello Everyone this is Manti Te’o…….Please stop makeing fun of me…..I only made up this lie because i crave the attention and the lime light…..I wanted to become the hawiian Tebow……I want people to scream my name and people love me…..The attention makes me forget how small my penis is…..And my common sense is equivilant to a bowl of hot jello…..Please forgive me america……Bad coconut? juice makes one do things thats not cool…….Please love me

  16. OldHickory7

    He got Catfished! FYI, there is a documentary about this happening called Catfish. Good flick.? Check it out. Too bad Te’o didn’t as he might have researched what he was dealing with better.

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