Expert #matchmaker reveals the #mistakes that are #keeping you #single… from juggling #dating multiple people to being ‘too picky’


AN EXPERT matchmaker has revealed the dating mistakes that stop singles from finding love.

Louanne Ward, who is also known as Perth’s Millionaire Matchmaker, say that mistakes ranging from pickiness on first dates to juggling potential partners could be holding back those on the lookout for love.

Talking to dating app Cupid, Louanne, from Perth, Australia, said: “When you write someone off too soon, you forget to see them for who they really are.

“You will continue going through this cycle if you don’t look past your physical attraction with somebody.’”

Louanne added that singletons should try and get to know someone’s “head, heart, and soul” – not just through your eyes.

She also advised ditching preconceived ideas of finding someone based on immediate physical attraction and chemistry.

She said: “Physical attraction and chemistry only really happen when both people feel exactly the same way at exactly the same time – rare.

“If you’re holding out for that, you’re going to be holding out for a really long time.”

Instead, Louanne advises that people go on two to three dates with someone before moving on to another suitor – adding that it’s important to build up an emotional connection with someone before “writing them off”.

Another no-no when it comes to finding love is juggling numerous dates at once.

Louanne warned that dating multiple people at the same time can drastically reduce your chances in finding a partner – “because your energy and the energy you put into something will only flow where your energy goes.

She added: “If you put your energy in multiple people, you’ve got small bits of energy going into multiple people, not your full concentrated energy into one person.”

And, even if you focus all of your energy on one person, it’s also important not to be “too full one” – as this can have an adverse effect, possibly bordering on “needy”.

Finally, Louanne said that one of the most important things to do when dating was to not be in a rush.

She added: “There’s absolutely no point in dating – if you’re looking for a relationship – if you’re doing it incorrectly and making these fundamental mistakes.”