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EXTRA-MARITAL affairs do not have to mean marriages must end, one of the UK’s top divorce lawyers, Ayesha Vardag, has claimed, adding that “adultery is very far from the worst thing in the world” and more couples would stay together if society was less rigid.

Described as the ‘Diva of Divorce,’ Vardag said some couples will have a different attitude to affairs if they attend pre-marriage counselling and consider their approaches to fidelity before walking down the aisle.

People would be a lot less upset about adultery “if they didn’t have everyone else telling them that they ought to be upset about it”, the Asian lawyer told the Mail on Sunday (6).

Sometimes married couples get fed up with each other and lonely in each other’s company as “topics of conversation expire and the springs of desire run dry,” she told the paper.

However, it is worthwhile to “keep the structure of the marriage in place and take romance, love, sex, excitement where one can find it, without rocking the boat,” Vardag said.

She also questioned whether shutting down affairs was a good thing if it correlated to domestic abuse, alcohol abuse and cruelty.

Her firm recorded a 17 per cent reduction in the ‘divorce-citing-affair’ cases during the first lockdown and a 63 per cent decrease during the last one, Vardag said.

Rising to fame in 2010 for winning a landmark Supreme Court case that paved the way to make prenuptial agreements legally enforceable in England and Wales, Vardag boasts some high-profile clientele including Qatari princes, Malaysian millionaires, business tycoons, international footballers, celebrities and royalty.



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