Face of fake Te’o girlfriend speaks out


Diane O’Meara’s photos were used without her knowledge to portray the fake girlfriend of football player Manti Te’o. For more CNN videos, check out www.youtube.com or visit our site at www.cnn.com


23 thoughts on “Face of fake Te’o girlfriend speaks out

  1. MsTrishhh89

    Lol I was just watching Dr Phil? ! But yes, the truth will eventually come to light. This girl’s stupid lie won’t go on for long, especially something that’s so public, there’s no way they’re gonna be able to keep this hidden. It’s just inevitable.

  2. TheTylerMaugaShow

    it kinda does huh? Shoot i dont know who to believe any more. but something isnt right. we will all know because Dr Phil interviewed Ronaiah and will air next week. cant? want to watch the dr phil special.

  3. mindofarock

    The voicemail voice is very similar to Diane O’Meara. You can tell the speech and manner in her speaking, it’s very identical. It’s very possible she was in on it but now decided to clear herself of all involvement by claiming that Roniah guy stole her pictures and requested the dated initialed picture. Of course she didn’t want? to be involved and blamed but there is hardly any facts to back her up that she is completely clean from this.

  4. MsTrishhh89

    This is all bullshit. She’s straight lying, if you listen to the voicemails on Manti’s phone from his interview, it’s the same voice? as this girl. She was in on it the whole time, who she think she fooling??

  5. Rob Cabacungan

    No wonder MANTI went MENTO this chick is? pretty RAD!!!

  6. Pustido25

    As an Audio Engineer it would be mighty hard? to duplicate the messages of his voice mail. Check out his Full interview on Katie.On this recording about 25:46 her speech and tone are identical to this video. I believe that she is just another attention grabbing women searching for a moment in the spotlight. By the way either its really bright during this interview, or she lying through her teeth because she’s blinking like 3 times a sec.

  7. Lesa mc

    her voice is the same voice on those phone? voice mails to manti not to sure about her

  8. ddrobinsondd80836

    To clear everything? up they all should take a lie detector test

  9. david3011000

    If she end? up with Manti, it would be damn great? story!

  10. annabelle rexia

    ohh this is bullshit, those? two voices is totally same…

  11. annabelle rexia

    yeah? sound same.. the accent the layback tone.. this is sound fishy.

  12. caioma87

    the 5 year thing makes? me think that te’o was just a victim… a dumb naive one… but still…

  13. annabelle rexia

    Funny thing!!! why in the hell her voice over here and “lennay’s” voice at his voice mail at katie interview sound similiar, included the tone.. the accent.. something? sound so fishy here!!!!
    don’t you think?

  14. TheTylerMaugaShow

    This? is better than Jerry Springer LOL poor Manti and Diane

  15. DamnItsCjThow

    Wow…that sucks. And that’s crazy af. 5years? WTF?

  16. ZeoZein

    Damn I feel sorry for Manti and Diane,? they were just reeled into this hoax.

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