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Not enough with Tinder? The dating version of Facebook has just landed in Europe and, of course, in Spain. Eight months late – we remember that it was presented on February 14, 2020 – due to privacy problems, Facebook Couples, or Facebook Dating in the rest of the continent, is now available.

Specifically, the problem about data protection came from a pure administrative procedure. The company led by Zuckerberg did not present the documents to the Irish Data Protection Commission proving compliance with the European data protection regulations of Facebook Couples. The mere operation of the application alerted the Administrations. Unlike Tinder, where a match is needed by both parties to connect, in Facebook Couples the system is based on likes. If you are interested in someone, you will only have to comment or like. If the other party approves, you will simply have to respond to the request.

Despite its delay, which has not affected much either since the confinements due to the coronavirus largely stopped the dating market, they are already here in the image and likeness of the United States version.

Friends? No thanks, or maybe yes

With a competitive advantage over its competitors, Facebook uses the profiles of the accounts created in its social network, including the Instagram universe. Despite the fact that many of them connect directly with the social network, for Facebook it involves the native use of its data: likes, events, activities or groups are the basis for the offer of candidates.

It also helps to screen connections: among the suggestions to connect, do not include current friends. This was one of the most important points for the approval of the dating network in Europe: ensuring that contacts do not know what happens on Facebook Couples. Also the ability to report and block anyone, send photos, videos, payment requests or links.

Does this mean that you will never be able to flirt with one of your Facebook friends? Good news. We all have a secret passion, which is precisely the name with which Facebook has baptized its special section. You will be able to choose 9 friends from Facebook or Instagram for whom you have a feeling; if they coincide in that “hidden passion” there will be a match.

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