Facebook and #Online Dating


As I’m sure most people know, Facebook is incredibly popular, and one of the most visited and used websites that exist today. In fact, over one billion people are active on the website currently. Since so many people are using it, it is very easy to find new people and get to know them, especially since it allows you to connect with people your friends and family are friends with.

Because of this, it can be a very useful tool to get to know somebody you just met. However, it doesn’t make it the best way to find a potential love interest.

Dating websites are easily the best way to find love on the internet, for one simple reason; most, not all, of the people using dating websites have the same interest of finding someone to be with. There are fewer people using them, but since the people on them have the same intention, you’re much more likely to find your partner on them. That doesn’t mean that Facebook can’t be useful in getting to know someone that you meet on a dating site, however. When you find someone online and make a connection with them, you may be hesitant to ask them for their phone number to call them for the first time or ask to have a video chat with them. People that are introverted or shy may be even less likely to do so. This is where a site like Facebook can be beneficial.

Dating Sites is the best way to find love online

Once you meet and form a connection with someone online, you may want to ask them about becoming friends on Facebookafter talking to them for a while and making sure they are comfortable with that. Some may find the instant communication of a phone call or video chat daunting, so they may even prefer this over giving you their phone number if they are nervous about calling or texting you. This can even be beneficial to both of you due to the amount of information you can learn about someone from their Facebook profile. Most people have a decent number of pictures on their profiles, and they may only have five or six on their dating profiles. By looking at more pictures of them, you will be able to determine a lot more information about them, such as their jobs, hobbies, or the people they are friends with. You can even look in their “about me” section to find out more of what kind of music, food, or other things they enjoy.

Facebook profiles can offers clues into a person’s life

In addition to being able to get to know someone better through their Facebook profile, it is easier for you to see any red flags. For example, if your potential partner has pictures of themselves engaging in activities you don’t like, such as drinking or smoking, you will be able to see this right away. If it is a deal breaker for you, you can let them know this before the relationship goes any farther, which will save any additional heartache that would result from learning of that later on. Additionally, Facebookcan be used to verify any information that they give you about them. For example, if they tell you that they are 23 years old, and their profile says they are 33, that is a major red flag. It is a sign that they are not being genuine, and being genuine is an important part of establishing a relationship

For many, especially younger people, the relationship status on Facebook is a sort of milestone for their relationship. When they post publicly that they’re in a committed relationship with you and literally one billion people can see that, including their close friends and family, to most, it means that they are serious about you. This also means that you are able to visit their friend’s profiles and potentially get to know them.

Facebook can provide a way for you to connect with friends of friends

If you do add someone you meet from a dating website on Facebook and you don’t connect very well, there is also the opportunity to get to know that person’s friends. In fact, if things didn’t work out and the person liked you but you just weren’t very compatible, they may even recommend you to one of their friends. It is important when searching for love online that we don’t dismiss any potential opportunities that we have, and we need to use the tools that are available to us. However, there are also negative aspects to using Facebook when getting to know someone you have an interest in. The most important is that conversation through its messenger isn’t different from having a conversation through text messages, so it shouldn’t be relied on as the primary form of communication. There is no substitute for being able to hear or see someone when it comes to truly getting to know that person. It is also not as easy to find people that are looking for love on Facebook. Just because somebody has their relationship status as single, this doesn’t mean that they are actively looking for a relationship, or that they want to be contacted by someone looking for one.

As popular as Facebook has gotten, it is still not a replacement for online dating sites. Dating sites are populated by people with one common goal, which is to find their true love. They make it easier for us to find someone that we share similar qualities and interests with and contact them. Facebook can be a useful tool in developing a relationship, however, as it is a platform that allows people to stay connected and up to date with each other’s lives regardless of the distance between them. With our help and with the utilization of the tools available to you, you can and will find your true love. Has anyone tried using Facebook for online dating? What were the results?

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.