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The UK and EU today officially announced a competitive survey on Facebook’s dating and classified businesses. This is a collaborative attack on the use of customer data by social networks to help them dominate core markets such as digital advertising.

As reported by Kate Bayoli in London and Javier Espinosa in Brussels, The UK and the European Commission have taken a similar approach to crack down on Big Tech’s dominance since the Big Tech’s Competition and Markets Authority became its own regulator in January.

The CMA said it is investigating whether Facebook may be “abusing a dominant position in the social media or digital advertising market through the collection and use of advertising data.” , Brussels said it would launch a formal antitrust investigation to assess whether Facebook violated EU law.

EU regulators also said the study will investigate whether Facebook is linking its online advertising service, Facebook Marketplace, to its social networks.

“Marketplaces and dates offer people more choices, and both products operate in a highly competitive environment with many large companies,” a Facebook spokeswoman said.

on the other hand, Dave Lee’s report in San Francisco Facebook has banned Donald Trump from its network for at least two years. This ban was a revision from the previous indefinite suspension. The decision is Announcement detailing broader changes The company’s policy on how to moderate speeches by influential celebrities.

(5) Internet of Things

1. The United States imposes a ban on China’s technology investment
Post-Trump U.S. Will Not Give in to China Under Biden Administration Ban American investment Dozens of Chinese defense and surveillance technology companies for national security reasons. A new executive order banned investment in 59 companies from August 2nd. Among them are well-known Chinese groups such as Huawei and its largest chip maker, Smic. A senior U.S. official said the order would ensure that Americans would “not fund the military-industrial complex of the People’s Republic of China.”

2. Getir soars to $ 7.5 billion
Investors have no restrictions on the latest e-commerce trends of fast grocery delivery. Istanbul-based app Getir Raise $ 550 Million New — Just three months after the last round of funding, the valuation tripled to $ 7.5 billion. Planned to launch in the US this year, it’s currently more valuable than the food delivery apps Deliveroo and Grubhub. Rex says The desire for such services is strange given that they burn cash, emit carbon and are drowning in competition.

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3. UK Fiber Flood Warning for BT
In the terrible wording of the government, the money that flows into fiber should help Britain get a “gigafit for the future.” But As commented by Helen ThomasIt’s not yet clear if the same is true for incumbent BT. Nick Phildes Profile It’s the name of one of our serious rivals, Lutz Schüler, CEO of the newly merged Virgin Media O2.

4. Legal threat to NHS patient data pool
The British government Threatened to take legal action If not suspended, we plan to match the complete medical history of 55 million patients in the UK to a single database starting July 1. “Illegal.”

5. Acman is crazy about Universal
Hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman Approaching the contract At Universal Music Group, his check company will acquire a 10% stake in the record label behind artists such as Lady Gaga. Universal owner Vivendi confirmed on Friday that it is in talks with Pershing Square Tontine Holdings, a special-purpose acquisition company that broke the record for its $ 4 billion listing last year. Rex likes trading. The world’s largest record label is increasing revenue and revenue with the help of music streaming services.

Technical Tools — New iMac

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