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The service started rolling out in a few countries this year, and it’s now finally going to make its debut in the United States.

The service will help people find meaningful relationships on the platform. Source: TechCrunch

Facebook is no doubt one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. It’s used by people to interact on a global scale and many have found love and friendships through the platform. Well, Facebook is now making these chance encounters even more possible with its new dating service. The service, which is Facebook’s equivalent of Tinder, started rolling out in a few countries this year. However, it’s now finally going to make its debut in the United States. 

The new feature gives users on the platform access to a suite of tools that can help them find meaningful relationships on the platform. However, only users 18 years and above are eligible to use the service. The dating service is not any different from the traditional dating apps in the market right now. But Facebook seems to have one distinct advantage. It has access to tons of user data that can be used to provide the most ideal matches possible.

The service will be offered inside the Facebook app. Source: The Atlantic

The dating service will also be offered inside the Facebook app. However, you will need to create a new profile for it. The only info Facebook takes from your original account is your name and age. The rest you will have to fill up on your own. Once your profile is live, you will start to get potential matches from different locations. You will also have the option to match with people who attend the same Facebook events as you. The dating app will not show you your existing friends as potential matches. The feature has been turned off by default as part of a comprehensive privacy policy. 

Besides, Facebook is using the debut of its US dating service to also roll out an array of new privacy and security features. It is also important to note that the company will be integrating the dating feature into its Instagram platform. Facebook has been trying to bring more integration with Instagram and it’s very likely that the dating service will roll out in both platforms.

People won’t be matched with their friends. Source: Mashable

Many dating apps out there pride themselves on the ability to offer anonymity in their services. When people sign up for online dating, they don’t want people in their network or circle to stumble upon their profile. They want to date outside their network and the new dating service by Facebook offers this feature. In addition to this, people in the LGBTQ community who may not want to find partners within their known circles may prefer to use an anonymous dating service that deliberately locks them out from the people they already know. 

Facebook dating will come as a tab on the Facebook platform. In case you are interested in using it, simply hit the tab and follow the instructions from there. Messages from Facebook Dating will also not be mixed up with your main inbox. The messages will be text only. You are not allowed to send pictures or links for security reasons. The new dating service comes at a time when Facebook is dealing with a lot of privacy issues so it might be a tough sell given the current circumstances.

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