Fake doctor who seduced women online ordered to pay money back to victims


A man who pretended to be a doctor has been ordered to repay nearly £3,500 to women he seduced after posing in surgeon’s scrubs on a dating site.

Farhan Mirza, 38, secretly filmed himself having sex with Muslim women and then blackmailed them into giving him money by threatening to put the footage on the internet.

His victims included a real doctor, a journalist and a psychology graduate.

Newport Crown Court heard Mirza had benefitted from his crimes by £8,500 from the women.

But a Proceeds of Crime investigation ruled he can can only pay back £3,425.

Mirza was put on trial last year but denied nine charges including voyuerism, fraud, theft and blackmail. A jury found him guilty and he was sentenced to eight and a half years in November 2016.

Judge Daniel Williams told the Mr Mirza he has 28 days to repay £3,425 or face an additional three months to his sentence.



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