Farmer Wants A Wife: Alex caught with six women | #tinder | #pof

Cunnamulla farmer Alex is certainly popular with the ladies – and he knows it.

WATCH: Meet Alex from Farmer Wants a Wife

The 29-year-old hunk has been accused on this season of Farmer Wants a Wife of stringing along his contestants and being a bit of a love rat with other women on the outside!

Alex even admitted himself to trying to date women on Tinder, albeit with no luck.


“I had my Tinder radius set to 160km … and I still couldn’t get a date,” he laughed.

“So there’s not many girls here my age and not everyone is going to queue up to live out there – and all the good ones who are there are taken!”

Social media photos show Alex posing up a storm with a number of female friends even before he had a large group of ladies vying for his attention on the dating show.


Fans of the show have also accused Alex of stringing along his two frontrunners, Henrietta and Jessica, until the very end and making them both believe he will choose them.

Alex confesses it was strange at first having so many women competing for his attention, telling New Idea: “I didn’t really feel that women were interested in me and I probably lost a lot of self-esteem.


But after the show and being around girls and having them – you know – fight for you a little bit, it’s probably given you a little bit of an ego in the right way! It’s a nice feeling,” he said.

So will Alex put aside his nerves and choose one lady to be his future wife?

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