Farmer Wants a Wife: Alex’s SHOCK Tinder confession | #tinder | #pof

Cunnamulla-born Alex Taylor’s town is so small, the 29-year-old sheep and cattle farmer couldn’t get a date on Tinder. Alex says life in the country can get very lonely.

WATCH: Meet Alex from Farmer Wants a Wife

“You’ve got this Hollywood idea of falling in love and doing all these crazy things, and having that burning desire to be with someone all the time,” Alex admits.

“The idea of falling heads over heels for someone, ready to give up everything … I came on this show to find that.”


But the farmer was forced to make difficult decisions when choosing the right girl for him. “Sometimes you try and please everyone, and all you end up doing is stepping on a few toes,” he says.

“The show taught me that sometimes you need to be a bit selfish and do something for yourself.”

Alex – who won the British Heart Foundation award for CPR – is looking for a woman who shares the same interests as him and his best friend.


“I am looking for someone who can keep me company and has the same values as me around friends and family,” he stated, according to the Farmer Wants A Wife website.

“I am an adventurous soul and need someone who is willing to go on adventures with me, but also the resilience to live in the isolation of the outback.”


The sheep and cattle farmer can also be found on Instagram and you can find him here: @farmeralexau. Why not try your luck and hit request?

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