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In Spain, as in many other countries, the so-called high society what is crib, for fame or for economy. In the case of the family Lapique all of these worlds have crossed two of its best-known members, the sisters Miriam and Cari Lapique, the first of them today-recent have lost due to the coronavirus to her husband, the impresario Alfonso Cortina. The mother of both was Caritina Fernandez de Liencres and Liniers, the frequent occurrence of the high madrid society in the years sixty and seventy, married to lawyer Manuel Lapique, a couple who as it could be seen in the “tablaos” in madrid where they met artists, entrepreneurs, and nobility, as in the holidays that Marbella which was already beginning to flourish by the hand of Alfonso de Hohenlohe. It was known as the vizcondesa of Villamiranda, and so even was when the magazine Hello! reported on his death, which occurred on September 10, 2015. But such a title never came to be endorsed by those comings and goings family who stop by the way some of the honors minor, in this case the vizcondado of Villa Miranda, that for all intents and purposes ceased to exist in 1991, according to published ABC after consulting the Provincial council of the Greatness of Spain.

With or without title, of the brothers Lapique, Manuel, Peter, Miriam and Cari, have been females which, in different ways and with different styles of life, the more they have leaned to the media. Cari Lapique, 67 years of age, in these times it would be a influencerbut that term had even invented when she was shining at the feasts of marbella. He began working as a clerk in one of the boutiques in El Corte Inglés of Paseo de la Castellana, and, after, for almost 15 years, had his own store of the unique brand of Cèline in Madrid. But his notoriety came from the hands of the entrepreneur Carlos Goyanes, whom he married in Marbella in 1975, after which he was for three years with the actress and singer Pepa Flores, Marisol, to whom he discovered his father, the producer, Manuel Goyanes.

A first wedding that crippled Spain for the fame of Marisol was in full swing, and a second bodón, with Cari Lapique, in which he signed as a witness Carmen Franco, the daughter of the dictator, and he turned to all that he painted something in the jet set homeland of the time. Then came two daughters, Caritina, and Carla, a scandal that led to Carlos Goyanes to spend five months in prison as the alleged involved in Operation Magician against the drug trade, and many covers of the magazines of the heart. The dark episode was in the past after being acquitted, and the family pulled himself together and resumed a life more centered and quiet in which their daughters took over the business in the magazines during the years in which some relationships, talked about the became news pink.

Miriam Lapique, that on the 21st of April will comply 63 years, he has taken a path much more discreet than his sister, but is even better related. Married with businessman Alfonso Cortina, who died on April 6, at 76 years because of the coronavirus, has always occupied a distant second in that social circle exclusive that brings together entrepreneurs and socialités in acts and events of the most diverse. Many of them attended accompanied by her sister, also with her husband, the grandson of the late mayor of Madrid Alberto Alcocer and Ribacoba, the son of Pedro Cortina, minister of Foreign Affairs in the government of Carlos Arias Navarro and the brother of controversial businessman Alberto Cortina.

Marriage has always given the image of a couple together since they married in October of 1979 in the parish of marbella of Our Lady of the Incarnation, and its presence in the social life has been more moderate than that of his sister, although by the profession of Alfonso Cortina, and the friendships of both yes they have been able to photograph in any happy gathering or luctuosa of that exclusive group, in which relations fluctuate at the same rate that the business and the fun. The success of your union has been, in the judgment of close observers, that Miriam Lapique prevailed always be the support and company of her husband on many trips and commitments that forced him to his profession over the years.

Alfonso Cortina became the president of Repsol and Portland Valderribas but since he retired he threw himself into the farm that he had in Ciudad Real, in Retuerta del Bullaque, who went from being a place of recreation to the place where he began to plant vines as entertainment, to create a wine as fun, Payment of Vallegarcíaand to turn it into a business that produced 200,000 bottles per year that they came to different countries of Europe, China and Japan. A business in which served him in much the advice of his great friend Carlos Falcó, marqués de Griñón, who also passed away on the 20th of march because of the Covid-19. In this estate was with his wife when they began to encounter evil and had to be admitted to a hospital in Toledo, and the life you downloaded your blow hard on Miriam Lapique.

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