Father jailed for 20 years after raping five-year-old daughter

An 84-year-old Thanet father, who raped his five-year-old daughter and then offered her for sex to a visiting coalman, was today branded a “dictator”.

The offences took place in Ashford more than 40 years ago and involved four members of the same family.

The sex fiend – who can’t be named for legal reasons – had denied 15 charges, but was convicted and jailed for 20 years.

His barrister, Oliver Saxby QC said the father was now in poor health and was receiving treatment for cancer.

But Judge Adele Williams told him he was “a dictator” who had been described by his own son as an “evil b*****d’.

As she was sentencing the white-haired pensioner as he sat in the dock at Canterbury Crown Court he started shaking his head.

The judge snapped: “It’s not good you shaking your head at me….I heard the evidence from your victims who you humiliated and degraded.

“What you did was cruel, brutal and perverted and it went on for many years.”

The judge said the father had shown one child pornography and another he had offered to another man for sex.

“This conduct was frequent and accompanied by violence, including beatings with implements and your hands.

“You dominated the household – ruling by fear and intimidation. You were a dictator. One of your sons, who gave evidence on your behalf, described you as an evil b*****d.”

The jury had watched a recording of an interview made by one of the alleged victims to police.

In it, she told how her father made her play a perverted form of Blind Man’s Bluff in which he blindfolded her and made her perform a sex act.

“He then told me not to say anything to my brothers and sisters because if I did men in white coats would come and take me away, “ she claimed.

The judge said he had used his daughter as “little more than a sex toy” and had given her a date rape drug before carrying out a savage attack.

She added: “You have shown no remorse. You have no insight and continue to deny the offences in the face of overwhelming evidence.

“You are unrepentant and manipulative and you have the deceptive veneer of respectability..the classic hallmarks of the committed paedophile.”

Prosecutor Simon Taylor had told the jury: “Her father stood there whilst the coalman raped her.

“In fact, she later elaborated and described how the father lifted up her dress and told the coalman: ‘You can have sex with her’ “.

The prosecutor also told how the father also sexually abused a step-daughter.

Source: http://www.kentonline.co.uk/ashford/news/father-who-raped-own-daughter-42155/

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