Feeling #Tinder #fatigue? 5 #dating #resources to #meet the one #offline


Dating apps are part and parcel of modern relationships, but sometimes tedious swiping can get a little old.

According to a recent US survey of 1000 millennials, up to 95pc say they would rather meet someone IRL than online.

Welcome to the world of Tinder fatigue – symptoms include deleting and re-downloading the app multiple times a year and casting your eyes to heaven every time someone says they’re ‘not looking for anything serious’ in their bio.

While many people have met their bae on a dating app, for others, the incessant swiping, barrage of ‘heys’ (or lack there of) and absence of authentic potential dates can seem overwhelming.

Whether it’s Tinder, Do I Date, She or Bumble, sometimes the process seems like a lot of swiping and messaging, but not a lot of actual dating.

This has led to a revival of classic dating techniques, from back in the day when people actually met each other organically rather than via a smart phone.

From speed dating to group dates, the late nought-teens have seen the return of dating methods that require you actually log out of Netflix and take a shower, rather than chilling in bed in front of a dating site screen.

For those who want to delete dating apps from their lives forever, meeting someone IRL isn’t as daunting as it seems, and you don’t have to take the internet out of the equation.

Here are a few resources that could make taking the plunge into organic dating all the easier:

1. A Table for Six

While yes, this is technically a website, it takes the intensity out of meeting a stranger from the internet one to one.

The site teams you up with a group of like-minded individuals all looking for love, and you could also make a few friends if you dont find romance.

2. Facebook Events

While this isn’t a specific resource, Facebook is a great place to access events you never even knew were happening in your city.

If you see an event th interests you click attending and actually go.

It’s likely that you will meet people there who have the same interests as you, especially if it’s a niche event like a vegetarian cookery class of a feminist art opening.

3. Story Party

Story Party, held in Dublin ‘s Sugar Club, is all about sharing the bleak and tumultuous tales of Ireland’s dating landscape.

You can write your favourite dating story on a confessions slips, anonymously, and have it read out to the audience.

While you’re there to lol at the anecdotes, you may find yourself on common ground with a fellow singleton.

4. Volunteering

You can find hundreds of volunteer opportunities online, and committing yourself to a cause you care about has so many benefits.

As well as helping others and an organisation in need, you have the chance to meet other kindhearted people who care about the same causes you do.

This new social circle could give you further opportunities to meet people like you, who have a commitment to animal rights, solving the housing crisis or feeding those effected by it (as well as making a positive difference in the world.)

5. Get set up

Who truly knows you better than your friends? Get your pals to keep their eyes peeled for potential suitors.

After all, Megan Markle was set upo with Prince Harry by a friend, and look how well that worked out.

Also, you can hold your friends accountable if they set you up with a total creeper, but presuming you have good friends, that probably wont happen.