Filipinas and the concept “you be my provider”

Filipina traditional values and needs; ok, so you are dating a filipina and in most cases these girls are single moms with one or two kids. lets get one thing straight. these girls want a provider and a man for the household period. here is the profile of what the filipina wants. man, prefer western guy from canada, america, europe or Australia to be wealthy and provide money for the girl and the daughter theres a saying 4 M’s in tagalog Mudaling, mugandung, minyamen, mammatye (sorry its not written correctly) but it means “Rich old foreigner near death” this is how these girls think. All its about is money and opportunity and a meal ticket out of the Philippines. The philippines is one of the best countries in the world, dont get me wrong. Many nice people, great weather, easy lifestyle but there are some rotten citizens and filipinas who give the place a bad rap. So back to the provider issue. The thing is the guy will be expected in the culture to provide to the girl. in effect theres a ratcheting of needs that go higher and higher and you know what .. just think about it. All is good until the money stops and when the money stops in my experience the filipina goes. She will find another provider and leave you. So you are an old guy that has been working his guts out day and night thinking you are doing good, think again. The filipina when you get sick will question why they should stay in the relationship because you … yes you my friend arent providing … you are

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