If you #are in your #20s, you must know #these 5 #dating #tips


Relationships are no less than a labyrinth in your 20s. It is the time when you start taking baby steps in the world of dating and explore what all it has to offer. Whether it is having a crush, going on a romantic date, entering into a relationship or dealing with your first heartbreak, we all navigate through numerous experiences without much guidance.

Care for some advice, eh? Here are a few tips that would help you to up your dating game in your 20s, and sail through it in the smoothest way possible. You can thank us later!

1.Before you take the plunge, drill it into your brain that there is no point in being pretentious for pleasing anyone. In fact, nobody (including Ryan Gosling!) is worth hiding the truth, compromising on your ethics or changing yourself. You are presenting a wrong picture and in turn, setting the wrong expectation levels. Most importantly, you won’t be able to keep up with this false image for a long time, right? Do we still need to warn you why it is a recipe of disaster from the very beginning?

2.This is another golden rule. Dating is a two way street, and you should not be the only one making all the efforts. If he/she replies back to your texts and calls as per their convenience, expects you to ask them out every time and have several other priorities before you, don’t think twice before taking a step back. Trust us, life has gazillion other options for you. Why to waste your time and energy on someone who does not value it!

3.If your bestie is dating someone and is having the time of their life, this does not mean you are missing out on something amazing in life. Don’t give in to any kind of peer pressure, and explore everything at your own pace. Be open to all possibilities, see what floats your boat, and don’t let your decisions be influenced by anyone.

4.Even if you have fallen head over heels over someone, don’t rush into a relationship. Take your time to understand the person, weigh the pros and cons of being in a relationship and brood whether you both are on the same page emotionally. Let the person know what are your expectations from the relationship and don’t be blinded by your emotions.

5. Things situations and people change with time, and everything is not always in your hands. If you part ways from someone you like or things do not turn out the way you expected them to be, do NOT lose hope. It takes time to find the right person and remember, life has something better in store for you.