Fines drop as Queensland prepares for easing of restrictions | #tinder | #pof

THE number of people fined for flouting COVID-19 restrictions has plummeted as authorities prepare for the first round of relaxing social distancing rules.

Just five Queenslanders were fined in the past 24 hours for ignoring public health directions, with police able to hand out $1334 fines to individuals and $6672 to corporations.

Police in recent weeks have fined people for holding gatherings and parties, travelling to areas they are not allowed to visit and one man was fined for driving to another town to meet someone for a Tinder date.



On May 9, police fined four campers on Brisk Island (near Palm Island) which had been declared a “designated area” under the Biosecurity Act.

“People are restricted from entering designated biosecurity areas which include all islands within the Palm Island local government area,” a police statement said.

Palm Island, Fantome Island, Curacoa Island, Havannah Island, Brisk Island, Esk Island, Falcon Island, Barber Island and Fly Island are among the Queensland locations declared off limits to travellers.

A total of 1969 fines have now been handed out since restrictions began on March 27, amounting to more than $2.6 million in fines.

Police also stopped 4103 cars at state borders in the past 24 hours, turning around 17. More than 2000 drivers have now been ordered to turn around for not having a reasonable excuse to cross the border.

A total of 55 people in the past 24 hours were directed into quarantine after crossing state borders.

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