Five #Simple Steps To #Follow To Meet #Women #Online

Whether it’s your first time meeting women online or you’ve spent a number of years doing so, there is a huge chance that you will want to get better results at it. A lot of people fail at online meetings because they don’t know how to navigate dating sites and apps appropriately.

There are however simple steps you can follow to ensure you’re success online. For example, when taking pictures with friends that you intend to include in your profile, be the center of attention.

Stand in the middle of the group and touch someone else on their upper arm. Studies show those two things elevate your perceived status and importance. Here are some the steps to follow.

Fish In The Right Places
There are lots of dating sites and apps with different types of women. Some paid ones such as Match has the most users of any paid dating site, but you can’t access basic features like viewing or sending messages without upgrading.

Furthermore, OkCupid attracts younger, more attractive women, but there is a higher percentage of fake profiles, while Plenty of Fish has a huge user Base but has less attractive and less educated women.Tinder is quite popular but has more men than women. Bumble is entirely free, attracts beautiful, intelligent and successful women, and the male-to-female ratio is about equal, but women must initiate conversation.

Use Your Best Pictures
The truth is your posture can make or break you. There’s no getting around it. That’s why you should always consider these two major elements of your photos when deciding which to use on your profile. Do you look attractive in the picture and does it indirectly communicate about you and what it’s like to be around you?

Online dating photos tell a story. Think of your photos like a marketing campaign. If they aren’t showing you in the best possible light, they don’t make the cut.

Once you take a couple of pictures, ask your female friends to rank them from favourite to least favourite, and use the ones they choose. You can also use a website like or to gather feedback.

Write a Profile She Can’t Resist
The goals of your dating profile is to grab her attention and make her want to know more about you. There’s a huge chance she will check your bio before returning your message, and if she’s undecided about your photos, an intriguing profile that captures her imagination might win her over.

When writing your profile, use vivid stories that illustrate your best qualities and describe yourself in a unique manner. Avoid being negative or striving for perfection.

Ensure that 70 percent of your profile describes you and 30 percent describes what you’re looking for in a woman.
On Tinder, the bio is 500 characters or less. For Bumble it’s even shorter—300 characters or less. And remember, on Bumble she has to initiate contact.

Use The Right Words at the Right Time
Copy and paste messages are by far the most efficient use of your valuable time. Instead of spending 15 minutes carefully examining each woman’s profile, taking notes on what she likes, and then writing a customized message, you could simply write an equally effective copied messages to 15 different women in that same amount of time.

You should however know that there is a huge difference between the rubbish that most men copy and paste online and what you should actually be sending. Ensure that your message is humorous and connects with her interests. Keep things as classy as possible and use emojis and emoticons to convey your expressions.

Furthermore, end with questions to keep the conversation flowing. Avoid boring her with regular messages like “Hey” and “What’s up!” Compliment her beauty and return her messages immediately.

Follow her response length and general writing style as that will make her feel more comfortable.
If you want to start off with a confidence boost on online dating sites, start by sending messages to all of your profile visitors as you have a higher chance of getting a response.

Messages you write and send should be short and sweet. Remember, she’s scanning them on her phone, so you want to catch her attention in as few words as possible.

Ask Her The Right Way
There’s a right and a wrong way to ask her out, and if you get it wrong you might lose her. If she’s asking questions about you to get to know more, you’ve got strong hints that she’s ready to get together. Be careful about using the word “date” if you’re messaging someone in her lower 20s on an app like Tinder.

You certainly don’t want her getting scared long-time commitments and emotional investments if she’s not looking for something serious. Opt for “meet up”—there’s no pressure on her to just grab a quick cup of coffee with you. The word “date” is best used when you’re messaging an older woman who wants to move toward a serious relationship.

Allow her choose where to meet or give her a number of options to choose from. This will increase your chances of getting g her to agree to a date.