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Love Island finally heeded the calls of viewers worldwide by giving the series a much-needed injection of drama. From shock twists, to multiple exits, here’s what we learned from the week that was in the villa:

New boy Teddy went speed dating with Kaz, Rachel, Sharon and Faye. While Faye’s tactics involved a subtle game of footsie, Rachel went straight for the jugular.

New boy Teddy shook things up. 

“I truly believe in life I can give myself anything I want, including an orgasm, if I’m going to go that far,” she shared, in a conversation that taught people more about sex than Catholic Ireland ever could.

Speaking in the Beach Hut after the date, she admitted: “I am ready to start s***, because I want that guy.” However, it seems Teddy didn’t care for her horny chat…

Don’t talk about orgasms if you’re at risk of elimination 

Another recoupling meant someone had to go home. Jake secured his place by choosing Liberty, Aaron chose Kaz to be part of a friendship couple, while Hugo put his differences aside to save Sharon.

Liberty and Jake coupled up.
Liberty and Jake coupled up.

There was something Titanic-esque about watching Rachel get unceremoniously shoved off the door by Brad, á la Kate Winslet’s Rose, as he coupled up with Lucinda.

And despite laying the majority of her sexual desires out on the table for Teddy, he ultimately chose to give it a go with Faye.

Is this the last we’ll see of Rachel? “Honestly, I would beg to go in,” she said in her exit interview. “If you want to send me back in at any point, I’d do it. I’d be unapologetic, strong and forthright. I would definitely go back in and be ready to stir the pot until the pot broke.” Stranger things have happened, and with Casa Amor around the corner, never say never!

Viewers finally got the twist they’ve been begging 

for Lucinda had barely unpacked her sarongs when she faced the boot alongside Brad as the public voted the least compatible couple.

The pair were forced to decide between themselves which one of them went home. What a gag!

Brad managed to pull off the comeback of a lifetime in the eyes of fans by valiantly offering to leave, allowing Lucinda to “pursue other opportunities” – is this Love Island or LinkedIn?

Tears were shed across all sides, with Jake giving a performance that harked back to Halle Berry’s 2002 Oscar win. Lucinda lamented the loss of her partner in crime (and her ability to eat Special K with raspberries, seemingly).

Luckily, Lucinda didn’t have long to wait for opportunity to knock – Brad had barely made it through customs before Aaron was banging down her door. Funny how that happens.

Lucinda was eliminated this week.
Lucinda was eliminated this week.

The surprise cull also threatened to scupper one couple before they’d even begun … 

‘Choby’ might not be as legit as they think 

The first public vote rattled cages – none more so than Toby, as he finally copped that this is indeed a reality television competition and not a fever dream.

He and Chloe found themselves in the bottom three couples voted as the least compatible in the villa.

“In my eyes, we get on like a house on fire. If that’s not a genuine connection, then I don’t know what is,” he said in the Beach Hut. “That means I’m searching for the wrong thing completely.

“I don’t know how the public hasn’t seen that.” As he openly questioned his relationship with Chloe, she herself seemed one hair flick away from taking off over the Balearic Islands.

“The fact he’s getting all moody with me because we’re bottom three… that is so fake. I’m livid,” she told Millie.

One mild row later and admission from Toby that he can’t handle his emotions (red flag, anyone?), the couple were quick to kiss and make up – for now.

Twenty eight year-old women are fossils to some 

New girl AJ strutted into the villa as the boys’ prize for a challenge win, and discussion online soon turned to the hair extension technician’s age.

Aja is the series' oldest contestant at 28.
Aja is the series’ oldest contestant at 28.

At 28, she’s now the series’ oldest contestant – a geriatric in the eyes of some viewers.

There seems to be a large age discrepancy between the sexes this year, with bosses seemingly resigning themselves to casting men who can still remember how much they made for their confirmation.

Age doesn’t seem to be an issue for Hugo though – will he finally find his way out of the friend zone?

Plumber and Wentworth Miller look-alike Danny is the latest bombshell to drop into the the villa, and he has his sights set on Lucinda, Sharon and Kaz. Watch this space!


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