Fix Your Relationship If You Cheated On Your Ex Boyfriend Before Its Too Late (Video)


What’s up?

I apologize for being a bit late for posting this video. It was a very rough weekend for me. Anyways, I have it up now.

In this video I teach those of you who cheated on your ex boyfriends how to get him back.

Check it out!

P.S. To date this has been my favorite video. You know what that means right? It’s hilarious!

Video Transcript

Hey what’s up, today we’re going to be covering how to get your ex back if you cheated on him. Now a great way to start off this video would be to look at the reason why you cheated.

Wait don’t we know the reasons we cheated on our exes?

Well that’s certainly true, I’m going to be talking about reasons you may be a little bit  embarrassed to admit. So I just like to get everything out there so we can move forward. Let’s begin.

Can anyone tell me why you cheated on your ex?

Chris: Because I totally felt like it.
Erika: Because you made me
Chris: Because I’m the most handsome devil in the world.


Let me just teach you.

There seems to be this common believe now a days that when it comes to cheating men and women cheat for different reasons. Now I’m certain that it can be true in certain cases but it’s not always true. So what’s this believe, well its that men cheat for physical reasons and women cheat for emotional reasons.

Does this theory that men cheat physically and women cheat emotionally hold? Let’s ask phsycotherapist, Dr. Ester Perel rather lets look at some of her studies on the subject. She is one of leading therapist that has studied cheating for a living in the entire world. She’s found that the number 1 correlation for men and women who cheat is the excitement they get from cheating. There’s a thrill to it. Theres the rush. The general excitement of cheating appeals to people and that is an underlying reason why people cheat.

And it may be a reason you think or feel that your not willing to admin publicly. But I’m just going to through it out there its very possible and this theory, this excitement is going to come up later when I starting talking about what you can do to get your ex boyfriend  back if you cheated on him. Speaking of which I’m going to give you my top 5 steps on what to do if you cheated on your ex boyfriend.

Step One: The No Contact Rule
girl pushing

Ah the good old no contact rule. Now it may seem counter intuitive to ignore your ex after a breakup when you were the one at fault. But if you actually look at the purpose of the no contact rule it will make sense. So what’s the purpose of the no contact rule?

Well theres really two points to it. To make your ex miss you and to erase any bad feelings he may have towards you. And thats the big thing we are trying to do here. We are trying to calm him down because if you cheated on your exboyfriend his anger level will be at a maximum. So lets wait till it comes down to a minimum before you try to get him back.

Step Two: Say your Sorry And MEAN IT!
not listening

I know what your thinking. “Well I can just apologize it’s not like haven’t done that before.“

Your not listening, you have to apologize and mean it. A few sections ago we talked about Ester Perel the worlds leading psychotherapist and how she found that people cheat for the thrill and rush of it. That plays into it this because often times when it come to feeling bad or guilty people don’t feel bad for their actions because its exciting and fun for them. They feel bad for how they made the other person feel. They feel bad for hurting their significant other. Men are good at picking this up when you apologize to them. They can tell if your really sorry or not. So make an effort when it comes to apologizing to them to really show them that you are guilty. That will go a long ways.

Now I’m going to teach you a method I call the hamburger method. Basically this is going to involve the no contact rule.

Look to my right, your left you will see a graphic of a hamburger and the way this works is the meat of the hamburger is going to be considered the no contact rule. The top part above the meat is the apology. I want you to give a meaningful apology before you enter the no contact rule. The no contact rule you don’t talk to your ex at all. After the no contact rule you give another apology when it makes sense. You need to reiterate this apology because one apology is not enough for this type of behavior.

Now lets move on to the third thing you can do to get your ex back.

Step Three: End the Relationship


End the relationship does not mean you end the relationship you have with your ex boyfriend. It means you end the relationship with the person you cheated with. Basically you erase them from your life. Erase them from the world. They do not exist. Do not talk to them. Do not do anything regarding them. Throw out their phone number. Lose them. If you are serious about getting your ex back this is a step you will have to take.

Step Four: Show Intense Commitment


Showing intense commitment is easy to say but really hard to do. Now what do I consider an intense commitment? I consider an intense commitment to this process. Your going to have to swear off men in general. No flirting, no taking pictures, no kissing, definitely no dates. None of this is going to help you get your ex boyfriend back if you cheated on him because you cheated on him he is on red alert around you 24-7. If he is starting to feel like he wants you back he is going to dive into what has been going on after the breakup and if you’ve been with other guys. If you have been with other guys that’s not going to help you.

Step Five: Rebuild Attraction


The final step of getting your ex back if you cheated on him is starting the original process that I teach on my website ex boyfriend recovery and in my ebook ExBoyfriend Recovery Pro. So rather then detail that for you here I’m going to recommend that you go right now this moment to my website Search and read some of the content there you will get a really good idea of what you need to do to win him back. Also if you want a step by step game plan right now check out my ebook which you can find at The ebook is called Ex Boyfriend Recovery Pro and if you want to learn more about texting messaging. I have a really great e-book called the texting bible. Basically its a dictionary with 250-300 texts messages that you can use in any situation that you can think of.

Hey we just wanted to say, yes we just wanted to say thank you for getting to the end of this video. We really appreciate you. Again like I said if you want to learn more about getting your ex boyfriend back go to

And I’ll let the elf take it from here. If you wanna get your ex boyfriend back or you have any comments please comment in the YouTube section below. Thank you!

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