‘Flexting’ is the new #dating #trend and #women are #totally over it

We’re over it.
With every new week there’s a new dating trend. From ‘roaching’, to ‘cuffing’ and ‘cushioning’, we’ve just about experienced every one.

That’s why when we heard this new dating term, we knew we were over it before it even began.

‘Flexting’ is the brand new term which Plenty of Fish’s dating expert Shannon Smith said we should all be wary of.

If you don’t know what the term means, it’s basically when a person boasts about themselves before going on a date.

They’ll text you about all of their big achievements and successes just to appear more likable on the actual date itself.

While we understand that it’s OK to big yourself up a bit, we rather you show us how great you are on the actual date, rather than through text, tbh.

According to POF, 63 percent of women have experienced ‘flexting’ while chatting to someone online, compared to just 38 percent of men (and of those women, none of them have been impressed by it).

Maybe ‘flexting’ would be better off kept to a minimum, so…