Florence Gouder


Scammer’s Profile or Account Name:lucio.dallasta (Skype)

Scammer’s Country: Ivory Coast

Scammer’s Email: florencegouder4@gmail.com

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Started as a Skype contact which very quickly developed into romance, and that I was the love of her life. Sob story about being an only child, no relatives, both parents dead. Then requests for funds to help with rent, then food (picture of empty fridge sent), then medicines. Then unexpected inheritance, requiring legal fees from me ahead of us sharing her good fortune together – so an Advance Fee Scam. I did not pay this person anything. This person has used photos of a US porn actress (Ann Angel) as herself, and has been scamming under dozens of assumed aliases; she is certainly not Florence Gouder. It is not even certain that this is a woman. Every attempt I made to speak to her or see her on a video call was unsuccessful, and she always had a ready excuse why her computer/phone had failed. But she made a number of really stupid errors with the pictures she sent or in her emails. Some pics even had Ann Angel in their title.