Florida Gulf Coast University sees uptick in violence and harassment linked to popular dating apps | #tinder | #pof


FORT MYERS, Fla. — Florida Gulf Coast University Police are reminding students to be safe while dating.

The reminder comes after seeing an uptick in violence and harassment linked to popular dating apps that students are using.

The University’s police department wouldn’t release information about the most recent incidents they’ve seen, but they did say that they’ve seen an increase in dangerous behavior linked to dating apps, and they want students to be aware.

We spoke to several FGCU students who shared some safety tips of their own.

“When are you going out, tell me where you’re going, just so you kind of have an idea of when you expect to be home,” said Hadassah Pelish, a Florida Gulf Coast University student.

“When you ask their name, just kind of search it up on your phone like ‘okay well this is who he is, this is where he’s from.’ Okay, cool,” said Florida Gulf Coast University student, Daavia Nesbit.

University police say that’s a good place to start. They are also asking students to limit the amount of personal information they share and to meet their dates in public places.

The police department will also be holding a

“safety and the internet” seminar

for students on October 22 at 6:30 p.m.

Many popular dating apps also have their pages dedicated to safety tips and documenting negative app interactions.



to view Tinder’s safety page.

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