FMA #fraudster Benjamin #Kiro tips #bucket of #water on #prison worker, denied #parole


A fraudster who ripped off investors he met on Tinder and faked his CV to get a job with the Financial Markets Authority has been denied parole after he tipped a bucket of water on a prison worker.

A “charismatic” former professional league player, Benjamin Anthony Kiro convinced women he met on online dating sites such as Tinder, or businessmen introduced to him by associates, to invest in companies soon to list on the stock exchange.

The funds given to him, about $250,000, were never invested or were obtained by deception.

Kiro was jailed for four and a half years in 2016.

He became eligible for release on parole earlier this month.

But the 37-year-old could not convince the parole board that he was an undue risk.
The board, in its decision released to the Business Herald this week, said Kiro’s behaviour in prison had “not been without issue”.

“He has been described as disrespectful, arrogant and not getting along well with staff,” the board said.

The board found there were conflicting statements about the extent of Kiro’s drug and alcohol use before he was jailed.

“Mr Kiro seems to have moved from having a significant alcohol and drug problem to saying he made up those claims, to then saying that he did use but there was no causal link between his offending and alcohol and drug use,” the board said in its decision.

The board, just prior to the parole hearing, learned of a recent incident where Kiro “threw a bucket of water over a staff member while at the sports academy”.

The board was of the view that Kiro was an “untreated offender”.

In addition, he needs to show that he is able to manage his behaviour within the prison setting,” the board said.

He will be eligible to apply for parole again in February 2019.

“In the meantime, Mr Kiro is encouraged to engage in the rehabilitation that is made available to him including the drug treatment programme. The board would then expect a period of consolidation and engagement in reintegration activities. Mr Kiro will also need to focus on getting his behaviour under control,” the board said.

Kiro pleaded guilty charges of forgery, use of a forged document, theft by a person in a special relationship and obtaining by deception.

Kiro forged his academic record from Australian universities and used a false curriculum vitae to get a job at the FMA in 2014. He worked at the capital markets regulator for around three months.

According to court documents, Kiro also used a forged Fonterra employment contract to obtain a tenancy for an apartment on Gore St, in Auckland’s central business district.
It is understood Kiro lived in the apartment for a short time in 2014.

Kiro, according to court documents, also falsified an offer of employment from AMP Capital as head of investment operations and a contract with AMP Capital in his own name with a $146,000 salary. As well as this, he also falsified a letter of employment for BT Financial Group.