Fondoo Founder Keith Wright Explains His Unique Mobile Dating App


Fondoo founder Keith WrightOPW INTERVIEW – Aug 4 – Fondoo has message blasts which self destruct after 12 hours. So users can interact in the moment, with people who are active on the app. Here’s Keith’s overview of the app. – Mark Brooks

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What’s your founding story? What does Virgin Labs do?
After my experience working for Wildfire Interactive, which was ended up being the fastest growing social media marketing startup, I became interested in proximity based mobile dating apps. I developed Fondoo, which is a platform people use while out and about. It is a way for them to connect with other people that are in the same mindset of wanting to do something with someone right now. Users can only be discovered on Fondoo if they are proactive with using the app as opposed to a more passive searching and swiping through profiles approach. Its social, to say the least.

What did you learn from Wildfire that inspired you to start a dating app?
I learned a lot about social media. Fondoo was built with certain core social media features that everyone knows and loves, such as the Feed, Post and Inbox. One thing that seems to really differentiate different social media platforms are their algorithms around their Feed. Facebook’s social feed algorithm connects you with your friends and family. Twitter’s social feed algorithm connects you with real-time content from public figures and publishers. Fondoo’s social feed algorithm connects you with like minded singles you might be interested in dating. The three are all very much focused on the social feed.

How’s your first week post-launch going?
We are constantly observing usage, constantly making optimization changes to the overall experience, and the marketing approach through well networked events seems to really be paying off. We have partnered with upscale restaurants, lounges, bars and nightclubs, and we have a number of fun events lined up this Summer in New York City. Our initial “soft-ish” launch event was held in Manhattan’s Meat Packing District and had a turn out of over 600 people.

What other things is Virgin Labs working on?
Right now we are focused on the development of Fondoo but there is always a possibility of new exciting projects emerging in the coming months and years.

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