Football Manager Regen Is On Tinder And Someone Has Swiped Right | #tinder | #pof


Football Manager regens have a tendency to do bits on your Shrewsbury Town save in 2046 but how will they fare in the dating world?

Well, someone decided to find out by setting up a Tinder profile for a regenerated player called ‘Lucas’ and the experiment appears to be working rather well.

With a game-face photoshopped onto legitimate pictures, Lucas is a 21-year old Argentine formerly of River Plate.

He’s looking for love, rather than a club and claims to have 20 finishing – though we’re sure he’s definitely talking about football in this instance.

The bio on the whole is just incredible and contains a slew of FM references.

The account has promptly gone viral on social media. But even better is the fact that Lucas has managed to get a match after an unknown person on the dating app decided to swipe right.

We’re very interested in what the next development will be for this fledgling youngster.

Sam Douglas told fiancee Lucy his intentions after developing a strong bond with ‘Elkan’. And the best thing about it all, is that his partner of five years also likes the name so he might actually get his way.

“The name was Elkan! To be honest he kept going on about his anger being 20 out of 20 and the fact his name sounded like an Avenger,” Lucy told SPORTbible.

“To be fair I quite like it. We named our dog Dion after Dion Dublin so why not carry a trend!”

“He’s literally obsessed, it’s his life, he plays it constantly,” she added.

“You can tell if he’s winning from the mood he’s in. He’s a Cambridge United fan and lost in the League One play off final twice in a row and he was in the worst mood.”

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