Foreigners, be careful with Ukrainian girls in online dating! Dating scams!


Ukrainian lawyer Yuriy Stetsenko talks about dating scams in Ukraine that are very popular now. Yuriy can help you avoid dating scams with Ukrainian girls and provide legal support during your dating-trip, meetings and negotiations.


9 thoughts on “Foreigners, be careful with Ukrainian girls in online dating! Dating scams!

  1. pennypacker93

    Hi all, I have been- and met a lady, she seemed fake and distant, did not want? to go shopping, but asked all the time about VISA..I think he long term plan was that her and her Ukraine Boyfreind were going to get the girlfreind to marry a foreign man- get to his country- get visa/ residence stamp- divorce him and then move real boyfreind to that country. be careful- !

  2. azamatmankini

    Stay away from a company called A? Foreign…BIGSCAM SITES

  3. SuperAntwarrior

    Date these Ukraine and Russians chicks, have fun? and then move on to the next girl. Most of all, make these dates as cost effective as possible.

  4. AdvokatStetsenko

    I am glad for Kevin. Not all women, who are registered on dating sites, are scamers. Your brain and common sense are good but unreliable instruments. Remember, you can lose money not only. Scamer’ll damage your heart heavily. Why you must risk? If you want to be sure it’ll be better to make some investigation and use? legal advice.

  5. barnettiscool

    The best thing to do is when you go over there’trust no one.Use your brain and common since.then you will know if the woman is a scamer or not.I went there and I am engaged to my woman.She doesn’t ask me for money or gifts.She has a job’she is poor but she is strong and she likes to curse? alot!Wow she don’t act like a scamer to me.Yes be carefull men there are a lot of fakes and fake dating sites.If you want to know more just ask!Kevin

  6. AdvokatStetsenko

    You are? right to doubt. Many of so called antiscammers are scammers indeed. Nowadays scammers make profiles on dating websites and offer service to deter scammers at the same time. Fraudulent activity on the internet is, by no means, new.
    What I can say about myself for my identity? I am real Ukrainian lawyer. I am not Dating or Antiscamming Company. Therefore I have private responsibility for my service. I value my reputation and certificate also. I apply individual approach to each client.

  7. Paul Robinson

    How do we? know that your service is not also a scam? You need to explain your service more

  8. merlin211286

    Thanks for protection money and time! It was pleasure work? with you!

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