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Claymont, DE, July 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

If you’ve ever ventured into the world of online dating, you’ll know it’s a bit like a pick ‘n’ mix. There are so many websites and apps that claim to provide the best dating experiences, but aside from small technological differences, they never appear to be all that different.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a website that had tried, tested, and reviewed the thousands of dating services available online, so that you could easily find the best option for you? Or even better, took all of that insight into what works and what doesn’t, and created a new and innovate way to date both online and offline?

Enter and Matching singles with their partners has been what lovenet-jp have specialized in for years, researching and analyzing thousands of online dating services and providing in-depth reviews. Now, they’ve acquired a service called MeetHereNow, and by working together, have created a winning dating formula like no other.

Below, we outline what MeetHereNow is, and why it’s acquisition by is a game changer for the world of online and offline dating:

1. What is MeetHereNow

MeetHereNow believes that face-to-face interactions are undoubtably the best way to get to know others. Focusing on sociable experiences for dating, their aim is to remove the monotony of swiping through dating apps and writing endless online bios, by introducing you directly to like-minded individuals.

Their in-person and virtual meetups are the perfect way to find new friends or a new partner. However, they know nobody wants to go speed dating or have awkward conversations over a drink. Instead, they create experiences, bringing singles together and providing conversational topics and fun activities. From their standpoint, personal interactions and activities make finding matches much safer, personal, and easier.

2. How is it different to other methods of dating?

It differs dramatically to online dating in that it doesn’t rely on you choosing somebody based purely on a profile picture and a description. The issue with this process is that it is impersonal, confusing, boring, and even dangerous. Even when you do have a match, it can be difficult to communicate through apps directly and there are hundreds of bots and scam artists.

Where it differs to traditional meet ups or speed dating, is in its content. Their meetups are low pressure, casual experiences that make it easier to chat and interact with others both online and offline. Tailoring meetups based on interests, hobbies, life aspirations and the like, they provide conversation topics and easy activities, aiding and encouraging communication and participation, to help singles get to know one another. If you’re shy or not as confident as others, there’s no need to worry, as the team take this into consideration when creating their meetups. You may find other members are just as shy or as reserved.

The goal is to help you find likeminded people, friends, and a potential partner, in a safe and low-pressure environment.

3. What are the advantages of using MeetHereNow for dating?

There are many advantages to using MeetHereNow when compared to traditional speed dating or online dating, including:

  • It’s far easier to use than an app

  • They focus on personal chemistry and connections

  • The meetings are low pressure

  • It’s safe and secure (Real people, real conversations)

Rather than going through the boring routine of trying to match with somebody online, spending weeks talking before finally meeting to realize there’s no spark, MeetHereNow focuses on chemistry and connection upfront.

You’ll get to spend time talking and interacting with others, hearing their backstories, gaining an insight into their personality and life aspirations, with plenty of opportunities to explore this further. MeetHereNow connect parties that are interested in each other after the meetup too.

What the acquisition of MeetHereNow means for lovenet-jp

While lovenet-jp have spent years vigorously reviewing dating platforms, helping those who wish to date find the best option to suit their personality, lifestyle, and budget, they are now putting their insight and knowledge into the MeetHereNow platform. They choose to acquire the platform because they believe it is a new and innovative approach to online and offline dating, that offers singles the absolute best possible chance of meeting new, likeminded people, making friends, and finding love.

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