Former officer lured, stalked women from dating site


A former special and auxiliary police officer is facing multiple stalking and property damage charges, related to three women he met on an online dating site, according to documents in Attleboro District Court.
Domingo Spinney, 37, has been accused of harassing the women, as well as vandalizing their property, after they spurned his advances.
The Milford man is facing charges in three separate incidents, involving three different women — two from North Attleboro and one from Providence.

However, the circumstances in all three cases are similar.
According to court documents, Spinney met the women on the dating website Plenty of Fish, using a fake profile.
He would then arrange a meeting at a local restaurant, and then show up and hit on the women, who thought they were being stood up.
But in all three cases, Spinney was rejected. The women declined to give him their phone numbers.
He allegedly retaliated with property damage and threatening phone calls.
One of the incidents occurred at TGI Fridays in Mansfield. The victim allegedly met Spinney, rebuffed his advances, and when she left the restaurant, her tires were slashed.
In a second incident, tires were also allegedly slashed and a car was keyed at the victim’s residence.
And in the third incident, a brick was allegedly thrown through the victim’s window.
The women also said they received threatening and vulgar messages over the phone from someone using a voice modulator.
Meanwhile, Milford police Chief Thomas O’ Laughlin said Spinney was a former auxiliary officer in his department, as well as a special police officer in Boston.
Special police officers serve as private security guards, equipped with a gun, badge, and arresting privileges, but are not actually employed by either department.
O’ Laughlin told NBC 10 News Spinney was allegedly involved in multiple instances of vandalism in Natick in 2012 and was fired soon after.
“He was a volunteer auxiliary police office. He was dismissed immediately and his license to carry a firearm was revoked,” O’ Laughlin said.
The chief also said Spinney sued his department after he withdrew his gun permit, but his decision was upheld in court.
“The information I received from the Natick police department, concerning Spinney throwing bricks through people’s windows in the middle of the night, clearly made him a person that was unsuitable to work in this agency,” he said.
Spinney is scheduled to appear in court Friday for a dangerousness hearing.



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