FOX Undercover Dating Scam


FOX Undercover Dating Scam


22 thoughts on “FOX Undercover Dating Scam

  1. m hamdi

    Plenty? of Fish is a good website. They don’t even charge a penny. Don’t “pay” for a relationship it’s just common sense.

  2. Super Cool Robots

    What if someone signs? up for a dating service knowing that they scam and sues them for false advertizing? LOL every scammers watching this comment just got another idea in their toolbox. yo’ welcome

  3. billyelliot1975

    So so true, going after guys way outta their league too no doubt. They forgot about their? “use by date” and obvioulsy they weren’t good looking enough to warrant putting up with.

  4. thefallofmaxpayne

    “Dating” people? online, 99.9 percent of the time never works. Been there, done that. Never will again.

  5. deathseekerinurmom

    That is why you don’t pay for anything in forms of dating sites. $4,000 and she didn’t see that as strange. no site is worth $4,000 lol if its $4,000 it better shit gold bars and blow your mind and send it to the far? edge of the galexy to where it is install on a cyborg where they have intergalitic warfare with even bigger cyborgs.

  6. calcio10

    corbett ought to shut up..he rips off pa everyday..typical the state away to? corporations and keeps the poor down

  7. Pandasareawesomex

    dude why would you want? to marry an american woman when you’re surrounded by beautiful russian women?

  8. Jesus Muhammad

    Hey, I’ve got a video on my channel showing you faggots how to get girls. I also do a shout out to all? you? whores on plenty of fish. Fuck you.

  9. septembercindy

    Nigerian Romance Scammer: James Dyer (pic of white male). Email:,? yahoo messenger:? jamesdyer2, phone 1-234-703-893-4768. Private mess me? on fb and? was in love with my pic.? Heavy Nigerian English accent on phone. Engineer from London working on bridge in Nigeria, 11 year old? daughter, widowed, parents died?? when he?? was 10 then moved to Norway? and back? to London,?? no firends. Romanced? me for 2 weeks then demanded money and became real asshole.

  10. Kg277

    Totally couldn’t agree more! Put them bitches in their place?? right where they belong! They probably rejected the nice guys. And now they can’t find any. I have no sympathy for them. And I bet you don’t either.

  11. shygrl718

    Paying a dating site is like paying? a prositute pimp -_- they pimping your wallet out

  12. dreamerstays

    Many of them probably knocked up by the bad boys i assume? and now are incessantly? complaining and bitter about all men lol. Where are all the good men, tired of the games. You know the best revenge is to not marry and bang their daughters when they turn 18 one after another, with a condom offcourse. You should listen to Tom Leykis

  13. LuVSJamie

    actually if she gained some confidence,? dressed a bit more sexy and wasnt an emotional wreck, she could Meet Men for free.

  14. RussianBrideReality

    Do NOT trust ANY company who claims you can actually meet the hundreds of beautiful women in their database. Unfortunately in most cases the lady you see in the photo is NOT? the one answering those overpriced e-mails or talking on live chat. It’s often a company employee, maybe even a man!
    Be smart fellas. It’s just entertainment. Not much different than phone sex.
    Check out my FREE reality videos on this topic.

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