Fraudster jailed two years conning pensioner


A fraudster who conned a pensioner out of £35,000 in an online dating scam has been jailed.
Fast food worker Jynal Khan, 36, of St Dennis, Cornwall, sent pictures and messages to Geoffrey Hoyland for a year pretending to be a voluptuous Bangladeshi woman in her early 30s.
The victim, who is in his late 60s, used Facebook because he was lonely and looking to find a partner.

Truro Crown Court heard he believed he was going to marry the imaginary Asian model.
He even sent £20,000 in cash after he was told the woman’s mother wanted proof he would be a financially stable husband.
He also sent gifts including sexy underwear and a gold necklace.
Earlier the court heard how Mr Hoyland lived alone with his two cats.
He was reeled into the scam in December 2014 after joining a Facebook dating page.
He was sent sexy pictures back of an unknown woman in her underwear who he thought was his fiancee.

Father-of-one Khan used words like ‘honey’ in messages to reassure Mr Hoyland that he would be together with the fictitious woman.
At first Khan’s wife, pastry crimper Aysha Begum was implicated in the fraud but she was cleared of any wrongdoing at a previous hearing last month.
Khan admitted fraud and was jailed for two years on Thursday.
Judge Simon Carr said the victim was a ‘sitting duck for exploitation’.
He added: ‘The victim was in his late 60s and a very lonely man.. You deliberately manipulated his emotions.
‘Khan used the money to buy an Audi car, Playstation and other goods including a lounge suite.’
Khan admitted fraud and was jailed for two years.



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