Free Revenge Ideas: From Safe Pranks To Getting Serious Revenge


Sometimes free revenge ideas are just what the doctor ordered to get even. In some cases a prescription for safe office pranks is perfect for some fun lighthearted payback. Other times getting serious revenge may be necessary, like getting even with ex girlfriends or ex boyfriends.

This website of free revenge ideas runs the full gamut of pranks. You can find a safe practical joke to play on your coworkers, family members, or boss. You can also find a way to utterly ruin the life of your lying, cheating spouse.

Most children loved Christmas but my favorite holiday was always April Fool’s Day. For as long as I can remember I loved pulling tricks on my friends and family. Later in life things changed and people became much more difficult to deal with. I had run-ins with scam artists, cheating girlfriends, overreaching bureaucrats, difficult annoying neighbors, etc. I realized I needed to find a nastier way to deal with these jerks. These people deserved a more intense form of payback. I began studying the fine art of revenge and getting even. I became a master at it over the years.




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