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During tonight’s episode of Friday Night Dinner, fans across the nation were united in their hatred for bland, lumpy puddings – and some of them even felt a bit sick.

Titled ‘The Cage’, Friday’s episode (April 24) of the Channel 4 comedy saw strange neighbour Jim Bell (Mark Heap) consume an ungodly amount of Auntie Val’s disgusting rice pudding, only to vomit it out of the window.

The chaos began as Val announced to the family that she’d landed a hot Tinder date, and everyone would have to eat up their dinner quickly so she could go off and have a “piece” of the hunky Colin.

After wolfing down their roast lamb (on a Friday? Obscene), the family were distraught to discover that it wasn’t crumble for dessert, but Val’s famously-turd rice pudding.

Channel 4

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Not wanting to eat the bitty grey sludge, but still considerate of Val’s feelings, the family soon turned to Jim, who had just entered the house with a massive cage he was building for his dog Milson.

Jim hates rice pudding, but after the family convinced him that the bowls of it in front him were actually a special Jewish recipe – and that it’s an honour to be asked to eat it – he donned a yarmulke, delivered his first ‘shalom’ of the series, and gladly agreed to consume every single serving.

Immediately after, Jim was violently sick out of the window, reminding everyone at home how rice pudding looks exactly the same when it’s been vomited.

jim in friday night dinner

Channel 4

One traumatised viewer tweeted: “Jim’s devoured 4 bowls of ‘Jewish Rice Pudding’… reminded me of visiting grandparents years ago – My Mum ended up stuffing down several bowls full (when they were out the room) as none of us liked it…before they promptly served a big top up!”

Another wrote: “And now I hate rice pudding even more.”

Others just thought it was hilarious to see a man eat lots of rice pudding.

Friday Night Dinner airs on Channel 4.

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