#Fuckboy #defined, and five things that make her think you are one too


While there is no one way of defining what a fuckboy is, in general, all fuckboys can be considered as an evolution of the typical douchebag with the notable addition of having an insatiable appetite for sex, while giving zero fucks about being in a serious, meaningful relationship.

“Fuckboy” (fuccboi or fuckboi) is a recently coined term by millennials and teens (belonging to the Generation Z) to describe a type of guy who heavily relies on his dick rather than his brain in making judgments, especially when it comes to interacting with women.

Yes, fuckboys are as bad as they sound.

Though the term fuckboy is generally used across all cultures and gender spectrum with varying use and meaning, fuckboy is used often by women to describe men on the lowest rung of human existence.

Wondering if you’re a ladies’ man or true blue fuck boy? Here are five things that you have to be on the look out for:


For fuck boys, words are weapons. More often than not, it’s what they use to get what they want.

Whether it’s in face-to-face conversations or in online interactions, they have away of convincing ladies to give them their number, send nudes, or to get between the sheets. Some women can be swayed by their buttery smoothness, but most ladies are wary when they go out with a man with uncanny ability to sweep them off their feet. This may pass as a double-edged sword because smoothness is an ultimate fuckboy trait.

Fuckboys have a way of making women feel wanted, while also making them feel that they owe this fuckboy’s entitled ass something. It’s really almost life magic!


Fuckboys are narcissists injected with overflowing libido. One look at a fuckboy’ phone and  you’ll know just how much he loves himself.

Aside from sexts with multiple women and numerous online-dating apps, a fuckboy’s phone is likely filled with selfies often sent out to those who unfortunately swipe right on Tinder. Their Instagram accounts are full of shameless selfies too. They can’t help it. They think they are god’s gift to the world.

A lot of fuck boys loves talking about themselves, too. When they’re with their friends, their favorite topic is their “adventures” with women. When they’re with the ladies, they often like starting conversations that will help boost their ego and confidence. They own the spotlight. They embrace it. It’s all part of playing the game.


Though “bros before hoes” may seem like the first code in the fuckboy rulebook, but that’s only for show. Fuckboys know they should be the first in line in the sex buffet and the only way to get there is by cockblocking the bros. Fuckboys want to get laid and they will rarely let friendship get in the way.

So, when your women “friends” notice that their encounter with guys gradually lessen whenever you’re around, maybe you are the problem. It’s time for you to change your fuckboy tactic.


You Keep Your Ladies At A Safe Distance

For fuckboys, everything happens in private and in secret. While keeping the sweet nothings away from the scrutiny of public eye, fuckboys also do not let their ladies get to know them in a deeper and more personal level.  Commitment is completely out of the question. Every fuckboy move is a performance – calculated and with a defined purpose.

Like clockwork, fuckboys throw their rehearsed script to any unwitting woman, win them over through few snaps, texts, or even dates, get the good bang, then proceed on to their next victim. Every fuckboy’s deed is accomplished with the least traceable evidence.


You Know Your Technology

There was never an absence of the willing-to-do-anything-for-sex guy in any generation. They’ve been there since time immemorial, but we can never consider the modern fuckboy only as its version for the younger generation. Fuckboys, in their own merit, have made themselves worthy to be called a class of their own.

What makes fuckboys unique is that their attitude towards sex and relationships are largely influenced by technology. Fuckboys thrive in the convenience of technology and they efficiently harness it to score more pussies with the least amount of effort and responsibility.  Smartphone apps ultimately made it easier for the normal guy to evolve into a fuckboy par excellence.


The Good News? Fuck Boys Can Change And Recover!

There are more things that are still up for discovery as to what really constitutes a fuckboy. It is an ongoing and continuously evolving phenomena and the discussion about it is spurred by the accounts of their victims.  Ultimately, fuckboys are considered a disruption in the usual workings of the romantic life of human beings. They also challenge accepted customs in dating and relationships. And though there may be varying opinion about fuckboys, there is one fact that everyone can agree on at the moment: one cannot claim being a fuckboy as a badge of honor.


Fortunately, if you consider yourself a fuckboy, you can still change.

It’s completely possible to put your childish ways behind you and stop being a player. Think of how much easier your life will be if you stop playing with women’s hearts. It’s cheaper and a lot less stressful. Who knows? You might even find your true love!

If you want to change your ways, here’s a pro tip: Remember that you are not god’s gift to women. Don’t make it your life mission to get laid.

Treat women with respect and if you actually find one who’s willing to stick with you in spite of your fuckboy past, treat her like the Queen that she is.

Goodluck, fuck boy!