Getting #haunted is the latest #dating #trend that you’ve #definitely #experienced.


We are living in a time where the world of dating needs its own dictionary. Every one and their mother is familiar with the cruel dating trend known as ghosting.

If you’re truly deep in the terrifying waters of online dating, you might also be familiar with sidebarring, the bullshit dating trend known as submarining, and the self-induced psychological torture of microcheating. Just when you thought you’d learned all the terms, there is yet another to add to your list: getting haunted.

Not to be confused with getting Marleyed, which is when you hook up with an old flame during the holidays, getting “Haunted” is when an ex won’t stop hovering over your life.

Whether it’s through social media stalking or IRL social encounters, getting haunted is when your ex won’t fully let the relationship die.

While speaking to Daily Mail, the sex expert Nikki Goldstein described the phenomenon of haunting, and how it’s just a new term for a very old romantic problem.

“Haunting comes out in two different ways, when an ex is purposefully popping up in your lives or they’re looking at your social media. The downside of technology is you can haunt someone so easily. The introduction of a like or a click can really unnerve somebody.”

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve been on both ends of a haunting at one time or another. While the concept of lingering emotionally (or physically) over an ex’s life certainly isn’t new, our current age of social media and technology makes the hauntings ever more real and treacherous.

Basically, love is hell and the reality of “haunting” is just another manifestation of that hell.