Ghatkopar resident arrested for killing wife over marital dispute


A 25-year-old man from Ghatkopar was arrested on Sunday for allegedly killing his wife over some marital dispute.

According to the Pant Nagar police, the incident occurred in Ramabai Nagar in Ghatkopar (East). Neighbours saw Sohail Sheikh (25) drag his wife Saima (22) to a secluded area near the creek at around 7:30 p.m., and called the police. However, a team reached the spot and left after a while, alleged locals.

Around 11:30 p.m., Mr. Sheikh returned with the body of Saima, with blood oozing out of her head, in his arms. He placed the body on an elevated platform and poured water on her head to wash the blood. When the locals asked him what had happened, he claimed that he had found her in that state.

“Mr. Sheikh did not try to flee when we called the police and tried to mislead, telling the police that he had found her in that condition,” said Nisar Shaikh, a resident.

Mr. Sheikh finally admitted to having killed Ms. Saima by hitting her on the head with a bamboo stick and then bashing her head with a stone.

“Ms. Saima used to work with a caterer in Ghatkopar, and Mr. Sheikh was not happy with her working. Even though he himself was having an affair with a resident of the locality, he would pick fights with Ms. Saima over her work and accuse her of having an illicit relationship with her colleagues,” said an officer with the Pant Nagar police.

Relatives of the couple, too, confirmed that they used to have frequent arguments. “While Ms. Saima used to remind him of cheating on her, Mr. Sheikh didn’t like the fact that she was working outside. Mostly this was the base of most of their arguments,” said Mr. Sheikh’s uncle Abdul Ansari.

Mr. Sheikh was arrested and charged with murder under the Indian Penal Code. Deputy Commissioner of Police Sachin Patil, Zone VII, confirmed his arrest.

The couple had two sons, Nisar and Sufiyan, who are five and three years old. They are in the care of Mr. Sheikh’s mother.



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