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Scammer’s Profile or Account Name:Lanna Brooke

Scammer’s Country: Ghana

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Why do you require info Like Scammer’s Profile or acct Name where the heck am I go find that? You have made it difficult for someone like me who does not know there way around to try help others!

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IP Address from emails sent to me. is

The source host name is “” and the source IP address is

The Girl who is Lana Brooke at is the girl I videoed with it was not a fake. As I asked her to stand up and she did. It is the same girl although I did talk with others in her group!. Different communications skills tell them apart.

Scammer’s Messages or Emails: 

Deleted them. Not important. But she contacted me on Skype! Don’t know where or how she/they found me? could have been as easy as a few letter search.

Scammer’s IP Address: The source host name is “” and the source IP address is