Ginger Trivia: 26 Fascinating Redhead Facts and Myths


Are you thinking of dating a redhead? Read on to see 26 fascinating and scandalous redhead facts and myths about those gorgeous gingers.

Everyone’s heard that redheads are the alleged fiery vixens of the hair color wheel, but have you ever wondered what gave them such a distinct stereotype? History has some wild accusations about those natural gingers that are definitely worth a read.

It’s no wonder that redheads get so much attention. After all, gingers are a truly gorgeous, rare people who have enticed us throughout history with their distinct look. The ombre of natural red and orange hues, the pale skin, the glorious cascades of freckles that cover their entire body—it’s like a fairy tale character come to life! And did you know that only a mere 2% of the world’s population possesses this rare redheaded gene!

So what could be so bad about being a redhead? The truth is, folklore and legend haven’t been so kind to those beautiful gingers, with fascinating tales of bad omens and fantastic tempers.

Read on to see 26 fascinating myths and tales of those lucky enough to be born a ginger.

Redheads facts and myths in traditions and folklore

Gingers have made their way through tales, traditions, and folklore, leaving behind a legacy of deceit, power, and…vampires?

#1 Queen Elizabeth, a redhead, was said to be one of the best rulers who ever lived. She was praised for her role in the Protestant religion and called the ruler of the “golden age.”

#2 Russian tradition declares that being a redhead is a sign both that you have a fiery temper and of being crazy. In fact, one Russian proverb reads: “There was never a saint with red hair.”

#3 Move over Kristen Stewart, there’s a new look for the queen vampire that’s been around since the dawn of the Greeks! In Greek mythology, it is said that redheads turn into vampires after they’ve died.

#4 In Germanic culture during 1483-1784, it was believed that witches could be found by searching those suspected for abnormalities, which were classified by freckles, birthmarks, or moles. Because of the sheer freckle factor in redheads, you can only imagine how terrified they must have been.

#5 A Liverpool tale of folklore claims that meeting a redhead at the beginning of a journey is a bad omen and that if you happen to meet the ginger while still aboard your ship, you can beat the omen by turning your ship around and heading back to where you came from!

#6 Scottish and English tradition says that after the New Year, your first caller will bring you luck, brunettes bringing with them the best form of luck, and redheads bringing the worst!

In the real world

The real world has some fascinating facts that have to do with gingers as well, including how many hairs they have, the likelihood of deafness, and information about our favorite Disney princess.

#7 Upon choosing what hair color The Little Mermaid, “Ariel,” should have, Disney execs decided on her trademark red locks so that she wouldn’t be confused with Daryl Hannah’s mermaid character in the (also Disney) movie Splash.

#8 Some scientists believe that redheads are more prone to deafness than anyone else.

#9 One Chinese archaeological dig in the Taklimakan desert found a mummified ginger dating back 3,000 years!

#10 Aristotle believed that redheads were emotionally “unhousebroken.”

#11 Romans allegedly kept redheads as slaves—and for a higher price, too!

#12 During the Spanish Inquisition, having red hair meant that you had stolen the fire of hell and were to be burned as a witch. Ouch!

#13 For reasons unknown, some studies have suggested that bees like to sting redheads more than other hair colors. Maybe because they’re so sweet?

#14 In the 16th century, the essential ingredient for making poison was including the fat from a redheaded man. Now that might be a little tricky to get…

#15 The Egyptians apparently regarded red hair as being so unlucky that they actually burned ginger women alive in an attempt to wipe out their “tint.”

#16 Historically, redheaded children have been thought of as being conceived while a woman was on her period, causing uncreative and gross nicknames to spark, such as “tampon tops.” Ick! [Read: 10 ridiculous myths people believe about marriage]

#17 Allegedly, Adolph Hitler banned the ability for two redheads to marry, fearing the offspring would be “deviant.”

#18 After the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, many in southwest England began believing in pixies. These pixies were strongly believed to be redheads, due to their unworldly and mischievous traits.

Biblical gingers

That’s right, there was allegedly some biblical drama involving a couple of redheads, too. Perhaps even some that explain why redheads were so untrustworthy?

#19 Some believe that Adam had a wife before Eve— a feminist redhead named Lilith who believed in sexual equality.

#20 In a depiction of Eve at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, Eve’s hair turns red after she commits the sin of eating the forbidden fruit.

#21 Judas Iscariot is often depicted as a redhead, due to his untrustworthy nature. This is believed by many to be the reason why redheads have gotten such a bad rap throughout history.

Random redhead tidbits

#22 It is thought that of the 60% of women who dye their hair at home, 30% opt to become redheads.

#23 Interestingly, a study done in 2002 found that redheads were harder to sedate than any other people, requiring at least 20% more anesthesia than the rest!

#24 The average adult is thought to have roughly 120,000 hairs on their head. Redheads are said to have fewer than the rest *with brunettes possessing more, and blondes being in the middle ground*.

#25 As far as the perception of colors go, the color red is said to enhance its viewer’s heart rate, respiration, and even their metabolism!

#26 Redheads are said to keep their hair pigment longer than any other hair color. On that note, it’s also said that they don’t go “gray” in their old age, but instead transition from a sandy color straight to white.

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Embrace the fiery nature of your redhead and you’ll be in for one wild ride. History hasn’t always been kind to the redheaded reputation, so just remember, you can’t believe everything you read!

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