Girlfriend asks boyfriend to propose with £1.5k ring – but everyone says it’s ‘monstrous’ and looks like ‘cystic acne’ – The Sun | #tinder | #pof

A WOMAN has been slammed for asking her boyfriend to propose with a £1.5k ring that looks like “cystic acne”.

The hopeful bride-to-be, called Jenna, shared snaps online of the wish-list engagement piece she’d instructed her man to save up for.


A woman has been slammed for asking her boyfriend to propose with a £1.5k engagement ring that has been likened to “cystic acne”Credit: Facebook

Taking to Facebook group ‘That’s it, I’m ring shaming’, the loved-up girlfriend posted two pictures of her dream ring from a brand’s website.

The elaborate piece of jewellery was described as a ‘Diamonds Cluster Ring’ – featuring “14k solid gold” – and was priced at $2,000, or approximately £1,500.

Captioning the images, Jenna wrote: “Not engaged yet, but this is the ring I asked my boyfriend to propose with.”

Asking for feedback, she jokingly added: “SHAME ME, make me change my mind! (Is this ring THAT bad?).”


Facebook ring shamers said the piece was “triggering their trypophobia”Credit: Facebook

Her post received more than 400 comments, with many fellow members not holding back their true thoughts.

Several compared the ring to “cystic acne” while others revealed it was “triggering their trypophobia”

One person wrote: “Looks like cystic acne.”

Another commented: “It looks like a cluster of zits.”

A third shared: “It is horrid. Dr pimple popper awaits.”


The girlfriend, called Jenna, asked social media users for feedbackCredit: Facebook

And a fourth added: “This triggers my trypophobia.”

Other likenesses suggested included “STDs”, “genital warts”, “herpes” and “multiplying cells”.

Some were concerned her boyfriend would be over-paying for the ring.

One horrified person noted: “I mean, 2k is a lot to look cheap.”

Another wrote: “This ring ain’t worth 2K.”

A third agreed: “2k!?! Uh no.”

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