Gogglebox’s Sally storms off after daughter Paige sets her up with Tinder account | #tinder | #pof

Your mum’s dating life can often be a little bit of an awkward subject – but Gogglebox star Paige’s enthusiasm to set up her mum on national TV proved too much to handle and led to Sally storming off.


Viewers were left giggling as the mother and daughter bickered after Sally discovered that Paige had set her up on Tinder.

As the pair settled down on their sofa in Birmingham, Paige was typing away on her iPad.

“So your first name is Sally and you are a woman,” Paige murmured. “And you’re interested in men, is that right?”

Clocking onto what her daughter was doing, Sally asked: “Hang on a minute. What the hell are you doing?”

Sally was not happy after discovering that her daughter had set up a Tinder profile

Paige explained that she was setting up a Tinder profile for her, infuriating Sally.

Her mum fumed: “I’m not going on Tinder!”

“You are, I’m just editing your face,” Paige replied.

Sally demanded that Paige stop adding details to her profile

Clearly vexed, Sally said: “That is disgusting! I’m 54!”

“What do you mean?” Paige hit back. “You’re 54, you’re not 84!”

“If I go on a site I want to go on a nice site,” Sally replied.

“It is nice,” Paige insisted.

Sally demanded: “Get me off!”

Sally had had enough and ended up storming off

Still continuing to set up the profile, Paige asked: “What do you mean? What’s up with Tinder?”

Upset, Sally asked: “Will you stop loading pictures up?! Just get it off now!”

As Paige just laughed, Sally said: “That’s it! I’m done! I’m done, I’m going home! I’m absolutely disgusted!”

Sally then jumped up off the sofa and stormed off, leaving Paige giggling with laughter.

And viewers found the moment hilarious, with one tweeting: “OMG… Paige…. that’s funny”.

While another commented: “Sally bless her.”

A third wrote: “Even the mother knows Tinder is dire.”

*Gogglebox airs Fridays at 9pm on Channel 4

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