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The latest episode of Hallmark’s hit series “Good Witch” featured some lighthearted moments mixed with some trying times faced by some of the main characters. While the central mystery wasn’t explored much in this episode, the show made up for that by helping characters move forward from unresolved pain in their past.

This is a “Good Witch” Season 7 Episode 4 review and recap, so there will be spoilers for the show below.

Sam’s Struggling with an Injury

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The episode begins with playful banter between Cassie and Sam. They’re in a much better space now than a couple of episodes ago when they couldn’t get time alone and were worried about how it would affect their relationship. Sam’s about to operate on Damian Hall, a professional basketball star, and he’s a little nervous about the whole thing.

Adam joins Sam for a game of basketball before his surgery, and Adam’s struggling with how well Stephanie is moving on. Sam tells him that he can’t be friends with an ex that he’s still in love with. While Adam does get this message from several people, he and Stephanie ultimately decide to try being friends anyway.

During the game, Sam takes a rough fall and injures his arm.

He can’t do the surgery and is going to have to rest for a month at least. Throughout the episode, he’s really struggling with being hurt and is worried that he might not ever be able to operate again. Adam stops by to apologize, and Sam isn’t really talking to him. I’m sure they’ll resolve this issue soon, like they always do.

Thanks to inspiration from Cassie’s bonsai tree, Sam figures out that Damian actually had a blocked artery causing the rotator cuff injury. Sam’s discovery might have saved Damian’s life. So the episode ends with Sam knowing he can still accomplish quite a bit even when he doesn’t have use of his arm. It’s a good message for any viewer struggling with a sudden change in their life’s direction.

Abigail & Donovan Get Pre-Marital Counseling

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This episode is full of good advice for viewers, including how counseling is a great step for anyone. Donovan was really hesitant about getting counseling, but it ended up working out well for him and Abigail.

In the beginning of the episode, Donovan offers Abigail a large amount of money to open her ad agency even though her flower shop sale fell through. Abigail tells Cassie she’s unbearably uncomfortable with Donovan wanting to fund her ad agency. She doesn’t want to be indebted to the Davenports. Abigail asks Cassie what she would do if Sam offered her the money, and Cassie says she would take it. I actually love this exchange. Rather than siding immediately with Abigail, Cassie reveals that her marriage works differently than Abigail might prefer. Every couple is different.

Abigail tells Donovan later that she can’t take his money and doesn’t really want marriage to involve them sharing everything, like he wants to happen. They ultimately decide to go to Adam for counseling and advice. Donovan tells Adam that they have to make sacrifices in marriage, and that includes sharing the property they own.

“What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours,” he says.

Abigail’s upset by this, and she says it’s because she’s always taken care of herself and she can’t just stop. Donovan says they can be “double partners” and play to their strengths. Abigail admits she’s going to need more practice. She later tells Donovan that she’s OK with her name being Abigail Pershing Davenport, and keeping both last names. I’m not exactly sure where the two ended up on the decision about the money for her ad agency, but it looks like they’re on the same page again overall.

The Middleton Exchange Should Happen Every Year

The revival of the Middleton Exchange was a fun, lighthearted addition to the episode. Each person gives away something that’s served its purpose, and someone else magically receives exactly what they need. Sam kicks it off by giving away his first stethoscope. Stephanie’s giving away champagne glasses and Cassie is giving away a tablet from her first archeological dig.

The exchange goes surprisingly well, with a few “magical” surprises for multiple people. It’s a nice thread that ties the entire episode together. I hope they make this a tradition for every season.

Martha & Maxine’s Scenes Were Lighthearted & Fun

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Martha’s been holding a grudge for years against her cousin, Maxine, and a family baby blanket that she is convinced Maxine stole. And Maxine has been holding a grudge against Martha even longer, thinking that Martha stole Tom from her!

The whole exchange becomes a lot funnier when we realize that Catherine Disher is playing both Maxine and Martha! I’ve never known cousins to look identical, but this is a fun and surprising idea. Maxine dresses a lot more subdued than Martha does, and wears glasses. It’s fun to hear Disher speaking with an accent and to see her portray two very different people. Her accent’s not exactly on spot for Texas, but it’s still entertaining.

Martha eventually finds the blanket that she’s accused Maxine of stealing for more than 20 years. Maxine immediately forgives her since she was holding a grudge over their blind date even longer.

The funny part (which didn’t make a lot of since to me) was when Jerry Ridley — Martha’s blind date from when she and Maxine were teens — shows up at the very end of the Middleton Exchange. He’s a history teacher in Texas, where Maxine lives, and it looks like the two are going to have a love connection. What are the odds that Jerry would randomly be in Middleton for the exchange? I’ve got to think there was a little “magic” in that timing.

Joy & Zoey Share Heartbreaking Scenes

Joy and Zoey are growing closer, and the two actresses really seem to have great chemistry. But still waters run deep when it comes to Zoey. While at her home, Joy sees a picture of Zoey and another woman, and Zoey seems very upset when she brings it up. Kyana Teresa did a great job of portraying how Zoey is struggling with something from her past, but trying really hard not to reveal it to anyone else. This is a wound that cuts deep.

Zoey later tells Joy that the woman in the picture is Avery and they dated for two years.

“She died in the line of duty,” Zoey says, brokenhearted. Avery saved a boy from a fire, but took in too much smoke in the process. Zoey says she gave her CPR but couldn’t save her, and came to Middleton to start over.

Joy later tells Zoey that she knows what it’s like to lose someone, because her mom died when she was 17. She shares that they found a baby squirrel when she was 10 and they named him Bowtie. He was bottlefed, and the year after she lost her mom, Bowtie showed up after she hadn’t seen him in years. Joy tells Zoey that if she just hangs in there, she’ll have her own bowtie moment.

At the end of the episode, Joy brings Zoey the gift she won at the Exchange. It’s a bowtie! She puts the bowtie on her, and the two exchange a cute look and decide to paint Zoey’s unfinished canoe together.

I was really impressed with the Joy and Zoey storyline. Zoey’s heartbreak felt authentic, and the two bonded over their grief.

Stephanie & Sean Are Going to Try Dating

After a lot of playful back-and-forth banter this episode, Stephanie and Sean decide to give dating a try. I appreciate that the show addressed their age difference right away in the dialogue, rather than leaving it unspoken. Quite a few viewers on the official Facebook page were commenting on the age difference, so I’m thankful the show addressed it directly. Both characters decided that they are fine with Sean being younger, and believe they have enough in common to move forward with dating.

The Magical Mystery Isn’t Explored Much Until the End of the Episode

Joy, meanwhile, hasn’t been sleeping well because she’s still having the same dream over and over. Martha gives her a dream pillow and insists that it’s going to help, with its ingredients of catnip, lavender, and mugwort. While Joy doesn’t make any progress with her dreams, there’s an unexpected twist to the mystery at the end.

Cassie’s Middleton Exchange gift is a kite with the initials CB & JB.

“This belonged to my parents,” she tells Sam, surprised.

It’s unusual for anything to surprise Cassie, so this gift has to be a product of another Merriwick’s magic. But who put the gift into the exchange? Was it George again?

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